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Monday, February 1, 2016

Word A Day Blog Challenge - Day 1 - Acceptance

Acceptance. This word means quite a lot to me at the moment. I am in the midst of changing myself. I had let my acceptance of my own self-loathing invade my soul. I was still happy on the outside, but when I looked in the mirror, it was the inner negativity I saw staring back. I no longer want to accept that. I have been fortunate to be chosen to review a meal plan program and it has made a world of difference in a very short time. It has kickstarted a fire inside.

Acceptance. To me, this is can be a loaded word. We can become stalled or hold ourselves back with an acceptance of mediocrity. Acceptance of self loathing. Acceptance of abuse. Acceptance of feeling unworthy. Acceptance of the way others treat us.

We can also raise ourselves or others up with an acceptance of excellance. An acceptance of positivity. An accpetance of worthiness. If we expect more from ourselves and others, the further we get from accepting negative feelings and actions from ourselves and the those we choose to surround ourselves with. 

For myself, I am choosing to be accepting of joy, of the beauty that I have the priviledge of seeing around me, of the kindness I can offer as well as the kindness offered to me. I am choosing to shoot for more, to be accepting of excellence in myself. To accept that there may be a lot of things in this world that I can not change, but I am not one of them.


I am participating in a word-of-the-day blog challenge with Verified Mom. 

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Phyllis said...

That is awesome! I love your post! It's all in the way we view acceptance isn't it! Love this! Thanks for joining in the challenge! I look forward to reading your other posts!