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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Week 1 - #PersonalTrainerFood


My first week has started off great. I had my first breakfast on Sunday (1/24) morning. I withstood fixing waffles for my guys and then got my first taste of the food that Personal Trainer Food had sent. I had an egg and two sausages. And they tasted really good! I added a pinch of salt to the egg, but nothing else. After fasting, I thought I would be starving like mad, but surprisingly, I didn't shove it in whole and scarf it down like a wildabeast! 

I had been focused on starting this program correctly and totally spaced out on the fact that we had a family dinner planned for Sunday afternoon... My FIRST DAY! I mean I KNEW we were doing it, but I had compartmentalized it to another area in my brain and had kept the two events separate in my head. I am so proud of myself though. Family dinners notoriously consist of starches and sugars. I took my PTF meal with me just in case. Looking at a table covered from one in to the other in delicious, steaming foods that I would normally have loaded onto my plate, I selected a serving of meat, one serving spoon of beans and some salad. I drizzled some peppercorn ranch dressing on the salad. I ate and then took my plate to the sink to prevent myself from getting seconds or mindless munching. I'm not sure it would have mattered. I felt no desire to eat anything more... not even any of the delicious desserts that were available and were eaten right in front of me. 
Four Shelves packed full of food!

I was mildly shocked to wake up on Day 2 with energy! I didn't slog out of bed, weary and bleary eyed. I have not had any drastic sugar withdrawls as of now. It probably helped that I had not been buying or keeping very many sweets in the house. We went grocery shopping less than a week prior to finding out I was going to be doing this program, but have already been trying to make very conscious decisions about what we buy and so I skipped a lot of the things I would normally have put into the buggy. 

Since we did quite a bit of walking in town on Sunday, I didn't come home and do more. I did get my elliptical out and ready so there would be no excuse on Monday. I though I would probably have to start out with the hydrolics disconnected, because I haven't used it in so long. I thought it might be too much for my knees to work against that pressure, but when setting it up I had connected them, so I just got on to see and I was able to do it. I put in about 30 minutes, and felt great afterwards.  

On Day 3 I started out great and the energy level was still high. I had a moment....not a total fall, but maybe more of a stubbed toe. After fixing dinner for the guys, they were having hamburgers and mac and cheese, I ate a spoonful of mac n cheese. What is is about that stuff?!?! But it didn't taste all that good to me, so maybe that's progress. 

On Day 4, I was up early so I could fix breakfast and go into town with the guys. While getting dressed, I thought my bra felt a little different after I had it fastened. I couldn't see the fat rolls that usually spill over the top of the elastic under my arms. I had to look in the mirror! Nope. Not there. Still plenty more to go, but that was a great start to the day! Screw you mac and cheese! :) I spent the day at my in-laws house... where there are temptations out the wazoo, and I didn't falter one single bit. I had my food with me and wasn't even tempted to eat any sweets. We got home late because we went to pick up a table and chairs I had bought, but I still did my 30 minutes on the elliptical. Whenever I think of skipping I tell myself, No Excuses!
Delicious REAL food!

Days five and six were good. One was back at my in-laws, so I had my food with me and the other was at home. It's feeling more routine everyday. I look at food first and think if it fits in with this plan. When I am tempted by sweets, no matter the amount, I ask myself if it's worth an extra 10 minutes on the elliptical (my own personal motivation system!). I haven't decided anything was worth that yet. 

Day 7: I would up the week with another challenging day. I attended a fiber workshop, ate out and had a birthday party. Proud to say I did great! The fiber workshop is bring your own lunch kind of affair and they don't have a microwave at the building where we meet. I cooked my lunch item before leaving home and packed them in a small cooler I had preheated with hot water. The wokshop ended earlier than planned and I ended up waiting with the little mister for the big mister to finish a job, so I split my piece of chicken and veggies with him until the big mister was done working. Afterward he got finished, we were all hungry and went to grab a bite at Cracker Barrel. I was SOOO tempted by the foods I would normally get, but got a small hamburger steak, salad and steamed broccoli instead and it was so good! We went and walked around and picked up a card for my mom's birthday before heading over to our get together to celebrate. My sister was mindful of what I am doing with this change in my diet and made a mouth watering boston butt for dinner. I had some salad and tried baked asparagus for the first time. That was really good too!

I have finished this first week feeling absolutely terrific and I am noticing some changes to my body. My energy level is so high and without the sugar crashes, I have noticed my moods are more positive and not near as up and down. It is all so exciting!

  Observations from this week:

~ I still don't like zuccini, no matter how hard I try. I have to sandwich pieces of it between other veggies to get it down. I tried. I included some varieties of veggies in my order that have slices of in the bags. I'll eat them, but you can't make me like them!

As far as it would go without hurting and 
causing me fear that it would get stuck

~ I was more sad about my wedding right not fitting than I realized. I am looking forward to that thing sliding back onto my finger comfortably.
Digging into my flesh

~ I'm wishing I had ordered more Western Omlets. Those are GOOOOD!

~ I seriously need to step up my cooking game!

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