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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Starting a Journey - Personal Trainer Food


I am starting a 28 day journey. It's one that admittedly makes me nervous. Weight loss. This wasn't part of any New Year's resolution I made to myself, but the opportunity presented itself to review the Personal Trainer Food program. I have been wanting to make a change but I was so overwhelmed. I didn't know where to start. I am nervous. I have never done any program like this. I'm nervous and very self-conscience about sharing it.

Weight has been an issue for me for several years. I wasn't an overweight kid or even teenager. Of course back in high school I THOUGHT I was fat. I guess a lot of girls do. My problem began much later, as an adult. I went through fertility treatments and the drugs involved in that caused weight gain. During those couple years and through the pregnancy, I ate really healthy. I avoided fast food and junk food. I can't even remember when I backslid. Looking back, I didn't put the weight back on right away. I was a stay at home mom and was very focuced on my son eating healthy. When it was time for him to try baby food, I didn't start with the sweet fruits. I started him on vegetables first then gradually introduced the pears, peaches, apples and the infamous blueberry buckle. By then he loved veggies and wanted those more than the sweet stuff. He didn't have a Happy Meal until he was 5. Once he was in school life became an insane roller coaster. I was a "room mom" and helped out at school. We weren't home much so cooking at home was no longer a habit. When he was in middle school, his teacher told me he was using the little snack size cookie packs I was putting in his lunchbox to trade for the veggies the other kids didn't like! Thankfully he still really likes his veggies.

I don't think I really noticed my weight creeping up, but once it did, it became harder and harder to lose it and as I sat here contemplating this step that I am taking with Personal Trainer Food, I realized that somehow along the way, we as a family really have forgotten how to eat healthy. We cook, we eat, we get full (sometimes too full!), but we really don't eat right. I am hoping that through this program, not only can I get back on track and retrain my head and my body, that I can also show my guys and get them on board with paying attention to what we put into ourselves. 
So this is to be a 28 day program and today is Day 1 ( they offer other plans so you can do what fits your life). I have fasted for just shy of 48 hours and am set to begin eating the food that is part of the program. My starting weight is 212 lbs. (that seriously just made me cry to type that) I am about 5 feet tall so I am basically a beach ball. I cried when I took my "before" photo. I have become so self conscience about being in photos or videos. I want these to be the last tears I cry over how I look. Or how I feel about how I look.

A few observations about my first days of making this change:

~ Before you even start, you will be thinking of cheating. You will literally dream of your favorite sweet and wonder how in the world you'll live without it.

~ You will get hangry while you are fasting and have to fix dinner for your family. 

~ When your food arrives, you will realize that you did not clear out near enough space for it. It is seriously A LOT of food. 
~ You will probably want to hide all those yummy Facebook posts from your friends of decadent brownies, luscious cakes, beautiful cupcakes.....

Even though I'm nervous, I am also excited for this opportunity. The food looks natural and fresh, there doesn't seem to be lots of complicated things to keep up with and I'll even also have support online or by phone if I need it. So.. let's do this! I'll try to post weekly updates if you care to follow along. 


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TooBIG said...

I think you'll do great. I'm finishing up my first month on Sunday and I'm rocking it.