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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Bravery - Day 2 - #WordADayChallenge

The word for today is Bravery. 

I admire bravery. Not to be confused with a hero. There are definite heroes in this word, but bravery comes in many forms. When I see someone staring down cancer, man, that's bravery. When I think of our Service members, that's bravery. To see someone that strives to be better, do better that's bravery. I think there are untold stories of bravery all around us that we might not notice in the hustle and bustle of our lives.
We can not bear the weight of the world and we can't know the daily struggles of everyone, but it is in their struggles that these people are brave. Even though I have had things happen to me in my life, overcome some things that were super difficult, seeing someone faced with something life alterering and potentially life ending, like cancer or other serious illnesses and seeing that they can still find a reason to go on, even to smile.... I have no words.

For some people, it may be an act of bravery just to leave their house. Some people are enduring a private hell and they are struggling to overcome it. Sometimes it's a self imposed prison and they have to find their own way out. Sometimes it's because of someone else or the situation they are in. And sometimes they have to ask for help. At some people we all have to. That's bravery. Reaching out when you feel most alone. 

 I am trying to look at the people I encounter differently. I am trying to remember that everyone has their own private battle they are fighting. Some battles may seem small or even insignifigant to me, but may be a mountain to them. I pray for understanding. I hope in some way, I am a bright spot in their day and if possible, that I offer them a little bit of hope. That they know they are not alone. That they see the strength within to continue their brave battle, whatever it may be.  


I am participating in a word-of-the-day blog challenge with Verified Mom. 


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Verified Mom said...

YES!!! Bravery comes in many forms and we don't know what others are going through so in a way, we are all brave!