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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Positive Mind - Day 16 of the #WordADayChallenge

Today's word(s) are Positive Mind.

I am a pretty positive person. I almost always try to see the bright side of any dark situation. I'm usually in a good mood, even if I'm not laughing or joking around, I usually just FEEL good overall. I don't know any other way to be. I have always been a positive, upbeat person. 

I can get frustrated around someone that is doom and gloom and refuses to see that their is a solution when times are tough and things are down. A defeatest attitude grates on my bones. That's not to say I don't know when it's time to stop pursuing something or change course, because atthe same time I am also a realist. Sometimes things are what they are and you can't change them. I think with a positive mind though, you can find a way around the blockade, find a better way to do it or know that it's time to travel a different route, maybe even find a new dream. A positive mind doesn't mean you blindly follow with a silly grin on your face. It means you go with the flow and adjust to the challenges and changes that inevitably spring up.

I believe a positive mind helps keep me healthy, but also works alonside my strong will. I am on a journey at this moment to get into shape, eat healthier and lose weight. I had kind of hit a brick wall and with help from Personal Trainer Food I am getting on track. My positive mind has been pulsing as I see the small changes happening to me. 

I know I must annoy my family and friends when they want to wallow in dispair and can only see the negatives around them because my positive mind says "No, look around you. There is so much that isn't bad!" Even when things look bad for a moment, my mind won't let me believe that it will always be that way. There IS a light shining from further up the path. There is a better day coming. The journey will bring us to the warm sun on our faces. We just have to keep going the right way so the dark doesn't swallow us up. 


I am participating in a word-of-the-day blog challenge with Verified Mom. 



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