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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Want To Get That Sticky, Funky Stuff Off The Floor Of The Shower?

I have made a few really cool discoveries lately. It began with a clogged bathroom sink. A sink that has been giving my fits for a long time and was getting worse with every passing day. The bathroom sinks have had some trouble with sometimes draining slow the entire time we have owned this house. We have used every heavy duty cleaners known for that type of issue. And in our less enlightened days even used the harmful, toxic drain cleaners, but the results never lasted. The clog would clear just enough to let it drain and we would think all was okay, but it wouldn't be very long until the water wasn't draining out properly. So one night as I was headed to bed, I stepped into the bathroom and saw that it was at a dead stand still... UGH! I got the plunger out and started trying to clear what ever was jamming it up. I got a REALLY good seal on that drain and I ended up pulling up the most foul junk I had ever seen. That had never happened before! The water was BLACK. And then it just stayed. Right. There. In. The. Basin. YUCK! The basin was full and there was nowhere for that mess to go. I suddenly had a thought..... I went and got a product to try. I poured some right on the drain hoping some would get down in there... I waited a few minutes, ran some hot water and started to plunge again.... and right in front of my eyes that sink drained! 

So about two weeks later..... the bathtub and I had issues. AGAIN.

I have scrubbed and scoured till my hands and arms were absolutely so sore I couldn't raise them the next day. I have used every cleaner and home remedy. I will say, the heated vinegar with Dawn dish soap recipe has worked pretty good in some areas around the house. It did awesome for cleaning the tile walls of the shower. But, and there is always a but when it comes to what products will and won't do, the home remedy didn't really do as much as I had hoped for that sticky, grimy funk on the floor of the bathtub. 

Maybe it's because I have a son. That is a teenager. With oil hormones that are in overdrive. Maybe it's my husband that can and does do the fix-its that involve grease and/or oil. I don't know why, but it is a problem I have battled for a long time. The Vinegar mixture has kept it at bay just enough in the shower stall but wouldn't even touch it in the bathtub. I tried Zep cleaners and I thought they were going to work, but didn't provide lasting results. I temporarily had to admit I had been defeated by that disgusting, sticky gunk.

Then.... one night/morning, I had decided to give my vinegar and Dawn one last chance. I heated the vinegar added the Dawn and took it to the upstairs bathroom. I sprayed the floor of the tub and left it while I did some other things. At 1 AM, as I was headed to bed, I remembered about the stupid tub. I didn't want my son to get up, step it to take a shower, fall on the cleaner and crack his head open. I can handle it if it's a stranger, but I hate the sight of my son's blood!

So I got a cleaning rag and sponge and knelt down to start scrubbing. It was STILL sticky. It was not loosened in the least and was not coming off! I stood up, determined that I would NOT be defeated by this horrible mutant dirt. As I stared at that despicable gunk, a thought flickered across my exhausted brain...... the stuff that got out oily armpit stains and odors. The stuff that gets the yellow out of shirt collars......
WISK Laundry Detergent! It had made that sink drain a two weeks prior and it was still doing great. Surely it could help me here. I stepped around the corner into the laundry room and grabbed my bottle of detergent. I poured a cap full over the junk in the tub, got back onto my knees, grabbed my cleaning cloth and gave it a try. HOLY MOLY! It practically dissolved! I grinned as I imagined that sticky gunk screaming as it started disappearing right before my eyes! 

Within just a few minutes, ALL of it was gone. Not only that but when I first started There was a bunch of that junk that had transferred to my cleaning cloth and by the time I was done, the Wisk had cleaned my cloth too! I only had to rinse some suds out when I was done.
In the last two weeks I have used Wisk on another sink that has repeatedly given us trouble and it too is now draining great and fast now! I simply ran the water until it was hot and it of course backed up into the basin, then poured some Wisk right on the drain and let it sit for a bit then ran the hot water again. Bam! DONE. When I did the second sink, I actually forget to go back and rinse it with the hot water, but when I went back in the water was already drained out. I ran it anyway and the water no longer backs up  into the basin. 

I am weirdly excited that the bathtub is clean and the sinks drain! And it was so simple! 

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