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Friday, June 5, 2015

Charming Liquid Chalk Markers

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Do you doodle? I love to doodle! I can think while my hands mindlessly create drawing and shapes. 

I received a set of these Charming Liquid Chalk Markers to review and they are so fun!
There are ten colors that are bright and eye-catching so they're great for leaving notes on mirrors and message boards. They are also great for just doodling on windows and creating works of art to design your spaces. Windows and mirrors can become easels for your budding artists!
These will write on most non-porous surfaces and wipe off easily. Even after left for a period of time, a wet paper towel wipes it right off. 
I have loved drawing on windows with these markers because the colors just pop and are so bright and cheerful!
This pack comes with eight totally delightful vinyl chalkboard labels that you can write on, wipe off, stick and re-stick on various surfaces. 
 If used on porous surfaces, you may have difficulty getting it to come off. I am experimenting with coloring on stretched canvas. This looks like it could be a great way to let kids have fun creating and you automatically have some precious art to hang!
The markers write smooth and evenly. The tips are double-ended. One end is a chisel-tip for fine lines and detail. The other end is a bullet tip for free writing and coloring. There are even two extra bullet tips included to replace any blunted or dull tips. 
These are fun on glass, whiteboard, mirrors, car windows and more. They wash off of skin easily so kids won't be stained and look like a living Picasso painting for days on end!
You can let the kids have some colorful fun or liven up the family memo board. If you have an active family, involved in different activities, each family member can be assigned a color to keep everything organized. 


The ideas and possibilities are as varied as your own imagination! You can see video and more over on the Kitchen Supreme website. You can find these fun Liquid Chalk Markers there as well as on Amazon.


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