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Friday, June 5, 2015

The Future Of Holding A Tablet Is Here! The Futur-e-Stick Universal Tablet Holder

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I like having a tablet for some of the things I need to do, but holding it can sure be a pain in the hand!
I was given the opportunity to review the Futur-e-Stick Universal Tablet Holder and it really takes the pain out of holding your tablet!

When I first saw this. I thought it was a "selfie" stick for tablets! Since I really dislike taking photos of myself, I would have had no use for that! What it really does is provide a handle for you to hold instead of trying to hold onto the edges of your tablet or even a phone or GPS.

The sticky pad sticks firmly onto the back of the tablet. It is not meant to be used to sling your tablet around or hold it upside down. On my Samsung the sticky pad does eventually come loose, but it may be due to the fact that my tablet has a protector on it, but I actually like that the sticky pad releases after awhile. I am nervous putting any pressure on my tablet that causes it to flex or could threaten to crack the screen. Since the pad does come off on it's own, I don't have to pull or flex my tablet trying to get it off. I don't usually need to use my tablet for extended amounts of time so this holds for the amount of time I need it, then I can re-cover the sticky pad with the clear plastic piece until I need it again. The sticky pad doesn't leave any residue on the tablet and it is re-usable. It it gets too much dust or dirt on it to stick well, you can simply rinse the pad off with a little soapy water to restore it's sticky property.

There is a swivel joint that allows you to position you tablet to the most comfortable viewing angle. In addition to being able to hold your tablet in an ergonomic way that doesn't hurt your hand, this stick can serve as a tabletop holder. The end of the handle has a rubber cap that serves to hold the handle and your tablet in place.

There are two versions of this holder: one without a USB charger and one with the charger. I received the one with a charger. That is really handy! You can charge your tablet or other device from it. The charger is removable so if you are using the holder you can take the charger out and plug it in to the computer. There is a spare rubber end cap to use while the charger is out so you can still use it as a tabletop holder.

There is a cable included for charging the USB Charger and that was the only problem I have had with this. The cable would not fit into the charger*(see note below), but I have a gazillion of those around here, so I just used one of mine and was able to plug it in to my laptop to charge.   

This tablet holder has proven itself to me! It allows me to hold my tablet in a way that avoids the painful cramps and soreness that comes with holding electronic devices for more than a few moments. It allows me to set my tablet up on a table so I can see it while using my keyboard. Other than that cable, the holder has been more handy than I would have imagined and I find myself using it often.


If you find yourself holding your tablet a lot or like to prop it up to watch videos or movies, the Futur-e-Stick Tablet Holder can help relieve your hands of the burden and the agony! They are available on Amazon, either with or without the USB Charger. You can also see videos and get more information on the Futur-e-Stick website.


*NOTE: The makers of the Futur-e-Stick have let me know that the cable issue has been taken care of. The was an initial packaging mix-up where mini USB cables were included instead of micro USB cables. Since this shipped from an Amazon warehouse, there wasn't anything they could do to check the cable beforehand. If you order one of these and the cable doesn't fit, be assured, all you have to do is let the company know and they will get you a replacement cable. :)


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