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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Keep Cool With The Forever Cool Towel From Live Infinitely

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Sometimes, something comes along and you are just so in awe of it and want to shout from the rooftops about it. The Forever Cool Towel is one of those products for me. Actually for my husband, because he is the one who has benefited from it the most.

I received the Forever Cool Cooling Towel from Live Infinitely to review and it has exceeded my expectations.

Upon opening the packaging, the towel did have an odor. It wasn't a knock-me-down over-powering smell, but it was there. I simply rinsed it for several minutes under the kitchen faucet and it dissipated quickly.

This reusable towel is meant to cool you down after workouts, outside activity or sports, but for me it has been a wonderful tool for my husband. He suffers migraine headaches and ice packs are a must have in our freezer. 
In the last few weeks since I received the Forever Cool towel, it has freed him from the ice packs. It allows him to get the cooling that eases a headache, while allowing him to move around still do things. We can leave the house knowing we are prepared in case a migraine hits while we are out. 

The material is strange to say the least. When wet, it is soft and slightly squishy. You can feel the moistness of it, yet when you remove it from your skin, you don't feel wet. And it stays cold for hours, even when against your skin.
When the material dries out, you would swear it was blue cardboard. It is mostly stiff, but as soon as water hits it again, it immediately begins absorbing and returning to it's squishy, softness. You can keep it in the reusable container to keep it moist.
The reusable container is terrific to toss in a workout bag or backpack.  If you are outside, you can cover your head and the towel provides an ultraviolet protection factor of 45. Since we are using this to ease his headaches, when we are going to be leaving the house, I wet the towel, wring it out, snap it, fold it and put it into a zip baggie. I then put it into a small insulated bag with an ice pack to keep it really cold.
In addition to the computers he has to stare at all day at work, the summer heat and the brightness tend to aggravate his migraines, but having this with us and handy at the start of a headache has already prevented it from turning into full-blown, blinding pain on several occasions. At the first signs he can get this out and place it over the back of his neck or on the top of his head. He gets that immediate cooling without getting all wet. He also doesn't have to juggle a rock hard ice pack that is uncomfortable, drips as it sweats and loses it's effectiveness as it warms up. 

My husband has helped me test out things in the past and expressed his likes for those things. He liked this towel so much, he has already purchased one for his boss at work because the man is an avid bicyclist who often does workouts in the mornings before work. The towel is machine washable so no matter what activity you use it for, it can be cleaned and is ready to use again.
It's been a couple of weeks and our towel has been used at least 5 days a week, sometimes more than once on some days. It has held up great to repeated wetting and wringing. This is the second Live Infinitely product I have reviewed and it is evident that they believe in quality and durability. 


If you or someone you care about is an avid sports person, works outside, suffers headaches or other ailments, the Forever Cool Towel from Live Infinitely is a definite asset and would make a great gift. You can find these on Amazon.


Disclosure: I received the item mentioned above for the purpose of review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own based on my usage of the product. You opinion and experience may differ. This post may contain affiliate links which simply means if you click my links and decide to purchase, I may make a small commission, which in turn helps me and my family.

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