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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Let Your Creativity Shine With An Acrylic Paint Set

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I love creativity. My mind seems to constantly look at things and wonder what I can make them into or paint on them. 
Life gets so busy that I don't take the time to create, so I was happy to receive this set of Color Gallery Acrylic Paints to review. It has given me the chance to play a little!

The tubes were a little smaller than I expected, but it also does not take much at a time. I used just a small dollop at a time and got good coverage. 
These are acrylic so they do dry pretty quickly, but the colors remain vibrant after drying. I painted on canvas for the first time and liked using these quite well. 
I also painted a wooden photo frame. The first coat soaked in and created a washed look, but the flowers painted more solid on top of that first coat of paint. That is true of most acrylic paints though. I left the first coat because I liked it, but a second coat would give you the solid color if you desire that.
A great thing about this set is it is compact enough to carry with you. I sometime like to go outside to paint or if we are on the go, I like to carry small projects with me to work on. These are great for that sort of thing. 
I was very conservative with how much I squeezed out at a time because I am not used to using tubes like this and I knew there would be no putting the excess back in! For that reason, I would be careful leaving kids unattended with them.

These are nice paints that glide on very easy and smooth. There is a nice selection of colors. I would really love a pack that included purple and orange. Mixing them is fine, but sometimes it's nice to have them for color consistency.  


These would make a great gift for the artist in your life. These Acrylic Paints come packed not only for freshness but neatly boxed. You can find this selection of twelve tubes of paint on Amazon.


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