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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Luxurious Comfort! Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

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Finding good pillows can be a pain in the neck! It is something I usually forget about once I am awake and away from my pillow. It's not something I jump to do even when I am in the store because sometimes you just can't tell about a pillow until you have slept on it.

I was given a wonderful opportunity to review a standard size Shredded Memory Foam Pillow from Extreme Comforts and I love it!

When this thing arrived, the look on my face must have been epic. I could not tell what I had just received! It was rolled up like a coil and I unwrapped it. Just look at it:
It was however, the coolest thing! Once I cut the wrapper, the air instantly, and I mean right that second, allowed the pillow to "inflate" and become full and cushy. It was amazingly cool!
Now on to the even better stuff! The shredded memory foam is Certipur - U.S. certified foam that is bacteria resistant. It conforms to you personal body contour, while maintaining proper body alignment. It eliminates those painful pressure points so you can sleep deeper and feel less fatigued. Unlike some memory foam pillows, this one works for side, stomach and back sleepers. 
The cover is 43% bamboo with trademarked Kool-Flow Micro-Vents that keeps the pillow surface cool. It is antibacterial and hypo-allergenic as well. It is super soft and luxurious while also being eco-friendly with long lasting durability.
I love this pillow myself, however I switched out my husbands pillow because he suffers migraines and other types of headaches. It was my hope that this could offer him some relief from those because relief means he doesn't have to rely on large amounts of medicines to keep them at bay. He has been sleeping deeper, is less restless during the night and seems more refreshed in the morning. His headaches, while not completely gone, have lessened so he isn't taking as much medication and they don't seem to intensifying as often. 

I will now have to get one for myself because anytime he gets up before me, I snatch this pillow and go back to sleep as soon as he lifts his head to get up! It is THAT comfortable. We have some flannel sheets that feel like we are sleeping in a cloud and this is the cloud for our heads!


If you want to sleep on a luxurious cloud, Extreme Comforts awesome Shredded Foam Pillow is available on Amazon. They are available in standard, queen and king. 


Disclosure: I received the item mentioned above for the purpose of review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own based on my usage of the product. You opinion and experience may differ. This post may contain affiliate links which simply means if you click my links and decide to purchase, I may make a small commission, which in turn helps me and my family.

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