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Friday, June 12, 2015

Music On The Go! Francois et Mimi Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

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Warmer weather gets me outside and I love nothing more than tuning out the world and jamming out to my favorite music. Technology has made that much easier than it used to be!

I received a these Wireless Bluetooth Headphones from Francois et Mimi to test out and review. 

I initially had some issues getting them to connect and thought they might be defective. I followed the directions included and could not get them to connect to my tablet. They finally connected by simply holding the play button down for several seconds. 
Once they were connected, the sound was great, crisp and clear. I was jamming along and enjoying them. I have worn them outside while trimming overgrowth in the yard and as far as the sound, noise reduction and functionality, these have be great.

 The functions work great and have given me no trouble at all. The multi-function button allow you to adjust the volume up or down, skip forward to the next song or skip back to play the previous one, play or pause and answer a phone call.
When I first opened them package, I thought that the bar that contains the control buttons, would be an issue. It looked as though the weight of it might cause it to be a problem, but doesn't seem to be an issue. I can sometimes feel it there, but usually I am too focused on the task at hand to give it much thought.

I did have some issues with these earphones. They only come with one set of silicone covers and at first they hurt my ears after a fairly short amount of time. After several times of wearing them, I can now wear them without my ears hurting. It just took a little getting used to. 
I initially had an issue with the one earbud falling out while I was working pretty vigorously out in the yard. Making sure the ear hooks are in really good and using the stabilizer clip does help a lot. If I don't get the ear hook tucked into the groove in my ear, it does fall out. I have long hair and I put it up in a ponytail when I am working so I use the stabilizer clip to clip the wire to my hair instead of my shirt, because I found my shirt moves a lot more and caused more tugging than my hair does! 

Despite my initial frustration when trying to connect these to my tablet and the issue of the earbud falling out, I do like these. The sound is great and the single wire stays out of the way and doesn't get in my way when I'm working. They charge pretty quickly so even when I run them all the way down, they are ready in a relatively short time and are fully ready to use again. The controls are easy to use and have not failed me. They've made cutting down overgrown shrubs a tolerable activity!


These are good set of earphones. I have made good use of them already and they have stood up to being outside in the heat, me getting sweaty and dusty and it hasn't affected to sound quality. The Francois et Mimi Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
are available on Amazon. 


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