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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

People With Great Attitudes Make A Good Trip Great

Some of you know I mentioned being in Georgia last week. I didn't get to post often since I was there for a conference/convention. We attended classes each day and by the time we got back to our room each evening, I had time to chat with my husband, return messages and do a few other things that needed to be done before getting some sleep for the next day.
We had to leave from home a day early because an ice storm threaten to derail our original departure plans. Fortunately, Dad was able to get off work in time, we were packed and ready, the hotel was able to book us the extra night and everything fell into place. We made it out just fine and the bad weather moved in after we left.
I must give kudos to Fayetteville, Georgia. That is one seriously beautiful city and the people seem to be even more so! We were greeted and treated so very nice in every place we went. They seem genuinely happy to be there and genuinely happy to see you. It part of what made our trip wonderful. They truly have a treasure in the people that we encountered there. 
We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express Fayetteville on Lanier Avenue and the hotel staff were great. The only issue we had was we didn't get housekeeping services one of the days and with three of us in the room it left us short of towels and toilet paper. But the people at the front desk take care of us with a smile!

Our Room

Mom made this cheerful teddy bear and gave it to the front desk crew. They loved it and everyone kept looking at it! After some more of the clowns arrived for the convention, they to made a few things for the staff.

We ate at the Waffle House on North Glynn Street twice. The first night our waitress was Nise (I think I spelled that correctly) and she was wonderful. We returned another night hoping to see her again but she was off duty. The staff was still great though. We also stopped by their McDonald's and had dessert one evening at the Dairy Queen. We visited their Walmart, Hobby Lobby and Michael's and we found the same cheerful, helpful people. After an employee helped me at Hobby Lobby by actually GOING to find an item I was looking for instead of just waving me in the general direction, I almost afraid to ask for help! They were all working to restock and do inventory and she still stopped what she was doing and took several minutes to not only locate what I was looking for but came back to get me and walked me back.. she didn't want me having to run all over the place if they didn't have what I wanted. You might argue that it is her job to help customers, but in reality there are not many places where the employees will do that. They'll point and say "It's over there" or tell you what aisle and consider that helping.

I didn't mean for this to get so windy, but I was very impressed with Fayetteville and would love to go back soon! Thank you Fayetteville, GA for your friendly people and beautiful city!

As for the reason for the trip in the first place...... stay tuned! 

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