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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Deluxe Window Seat For Cats Review

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Do you have a cat that will jump up and run out of the room like there is something super important in the other room? But if you follow him you find him sitting there licking his paw and he looks at you like, "What!?!" We have one of those!

He will also come in from outside and then run to the window and sit there forever watching everything outside. Like he couldn't  have done that..... OUTSIDE! When I found out I would get to review this Deluxe Window Seat for cats, I knew Spot would love it.  

The Window Seat has to be assembled, but it is really easy and doesn't require tools. The PVC frame was a tight fit, but once together it is a good and sturdy frame. 
The cover slides over the frame and the toggles slide through the pre-cut slits so you can thread the support wires though.

Two of the suction cup hangers slide right into the ends of the frame. You slide the toggles into the other two suction cups and they support the outer side of the frame. The suction cups are huge and stick to glass REALLY well! I wiped the window and the suction cups with spray cleaner and a paper towel before sticking them and they have held great.
This is a temporary place for Spot's seat until I get finished moving things around in the house. The suction cups don't stick well to that door and occasionally pop off. Spot will be so happy when I get it moved to the bigger window!
Unlike most other cat window seats you may have seen on TV and elsewhere, this window seat also features a great washable, plush cushion for kitty to relax on. there are velcro-type strips that hold it in place so it isn't forever slipping off onto the floor. It stays right where it is supposed to.
As soon as I finished assembling the seat and attaching it to the door, Spot ran in and jumped up into it.
 For some reason Spot prefers to sit in the window in my kitchen, but he has been enjoying laying here watching the backyard and taunting our dogs. Now every time he comes into the house and disappears, when I go looking for him, he is curled up in the window seat!
There is one thing I have a minor issue with. The open side of the cover really needs a strip of velcro on the underside. The flap you can see in the photo above folds to the underside and makes a neat and tidy appearance, but once Spot jumps up into the seat, there is nothing to hold that flap secure and it allows the seat to sag. After he has been in it a few times I have to pull the flap back down and around that piece of the frame. Other than that one thing, this seat is great and Spot is absolutely loving it.


If you have a cat or cats, they undoubtedly love to sit in the sunny window. This window seat allows them to sun themselves in plushy comfort. The Deluxe Cushioned Window Cat Seat can be found on Amazon.


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Linda Bradshaw said...

My cats love to sit in front of the window. I would love to have this.