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Monday, March 23, 2015

Pure Body Naturals Fractionated Coconut Oil Review

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I have been getting to play with some oils lately and one of them is fractionated coconut oil. Each time, I learn a few new tricks and learn ways to use them that I would never have thought of just a year or two ago. 

I received this Pure Body Naturals Fractionated Coconut Oil to review and right off the bat I found a use for it. I had been reading about how good coconut oil is for skin.... 

One morning as I cooked breakfast for my guys, I was flipping the bacon over and I touched the scalding hot pan. I happen to be holding the glass lid to my pan at the time and thankfully didn't drop it. But by the time I set it down and turned toward the sink, I could feel the burn. I washed it with cool water and soap and as I turned back to finish cooking, the bottle of Pure Body Naturals Coconut Oil caught my eye. I took a second and dabbed some on the burn, rubbed it in and went back to getting breakfast finished. 

In the rush of getting the guys fed, making sure they had everything and getting them out the door on time, I forgot about the burn. I forgot because it didn't even hurt. Not even a little. After the guys were gone and I went back to clean up the kitchen, I remembered and looked at my finger. Nothing. A slightly reddish spot, but no burn and no pain when I touched it. Not even when I put my hands in the hot water to wash up the pans. 

I'm not claiming a miracle and it certainly wasn't a huge burn, but I have had enough kitchen burns to know that I usually feel them for at least several days. I will be keeping some coconut oil very handy in the kitchen from now on though!

So most people know that our skin is our largest organ. which means it is important to take care of it. Most people know the regular cautions to not get sunburned, wear the sunscreen, clean, drink water to keep it hydrated. But many times we don't look at what we are putting ON our skin. Soaps, lotions, potions and serums.... stuff to fight aging, stuff to clear rashes or acne and magic creams promising to rid us of wrinkles forever.

The problem is most of those products are filled with chemicals and ingredients created in labs. Chemicals that are not necessarily good for our skin or our health. Below is a good infographic about skin:

The Science of Skin Infographic

Infographic attribution goes to BeauySplash

Coconut oil can do many things for the skin that are beneficial. Since that burn incident, I have used the coconut oil to moisturize my hands, elbows and knees. My skin gets really dry and cracked in those areas. It doesn't  take a whole lot at all and it makes my skin feel soft. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave me feeling like an oil slick. It doesn't clog pores and there are no chemicals and nothing artificial added. In addition to being a great skins moisturizer, it is a great carrier oil with other essential oils. It has a 5 year shelf life so you don't have to feel rushed to use it.


I have been fortunate to review other products from Pure Body Naturals and as with the previous items, I am extremely pleased with their Fractionated Coconut Oil. Pure Body Natural's products are available on Amazon.


Disclosure: I received the item mentioned above for the purpose of review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own based on my usage of the product. You opinion and experience may differ. This post may contain affiliate links which simply means if you click my links and decide to purchase, I may make a small commission, which in turn helps me and my family.

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