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Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Fourth of July!

HAPPY 4th of July!!!
Today we celebrate our Independence. A moment in history when a people banded together and declared that they would not be silenced. They would not be bound. The would not live in persecution. They were the first to clear the path in the hopes that the future of Freedom and Liberty would flourish and prevail. Their words and actions were wise and true and just as relevant at this moment in time as they were back then.


While this day has become synonymous with fun, cook outs, trips to the lake and fireworks, take a moment to reflect on and talk about the real reasons we celebrate July 4th. Read the Declaration of Independence. Read the Constitution. Read the Flag Code. Remember the people that ensured us the great Nation we live in and honor them by continuing to protect what we have inherited from them.

Oh, and have some fun too! :)

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