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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Help Find Molly And Claire

 Molly was taken to a vet and checked out. She had a wound to her front left paw and needed to be treated for dehydration, ticks and fleas. Otherwise she was in remarkably good condition.

We are still searching for Claire, but there have been sightings and we are hopeful that she'll be back with the family soon. Olivia is still in critical, but stable condition.
Molly has been found!!  

Claire is still out there and Olivia still needs LOTS of prayers. There is much to be done. If you can help by donating it is MUCH appreciated. We would be just as grateful if you can share this story and offer some thoughts and prayers for this family.



You may have read my story recently about my Aunt's lost dog, Thelma, and how with the help of many friends and strangers, she was recovered and reunited with my Aunt and Uncle. Another family is facing facing a similar situation under terrible and tragic circumstances. 

Seth and Olivia were traveling North on Interstate 65 on their way home to Tennessee when they were involved in an accident near Cullman, Alabama. Seth suffered minor injuries, but Olivia's injuries were much more serious. Today marks one week since the accident and she is still in very serious condition at a hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. Today is also Seth and Olivia's wedding anniversary!

To compound this terrible situation, their two beautiful dogs were in the car with them and after the accident, they both ran, but in opposite directions from the accident scene. It is not known if they were injured in any way. Many strangers have come out in their cars and on foot to try to help bring these dogs home, but it is in a rural area and the thick woods have slowed the efforts. Claire has been spotted several times darting in and out of the woods, but has still been spooked and they have not been able to catch her. Molly has only been seen a few times in the first day or so after the accident. The both had collars with tags, and Molly is chipped, but they are far from home and very frightened.
Photo of Molly and Calire 2 days before the accident

Everyone involved has been pulling out all the stops to bring this search to a happy conclusion. Thousands of flyers printed and professional trackers have come today to help search this rural, wooded area. Thank goodness for all the people willing to get out to spread the word, walk the roads and give up their own time, but it still requires money. I know many that see this probably don't live in this area, but a fundraising page has been set up to help with the cost of not only bringing Molly and Claire home, but to also aid Seth and Olivia with the unexpected expenses they now face. 
If you can help you can donate on the page Help Find Molly and Claire

If you are unable to help financially, please, PLEASE share this post or the fundraising page. 

And please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.

We are truly hoping and praying to be able to give Seth and Olivia the ultimate gift.... being able to tell them their babies have been found and are safe!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post in any way. I am not related to this family and will not benefit financially from any donation made to the fundraising page. This accident happened near my home and this is simply my effort to help. 


Velvet Sky aka Helen Padgett said...

Well done Lisa ! Beautifully written, let's hope Molly and Claire are found soon and we get good news on Olivia <3

Gina said...

I hope they're found soon :(