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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Week In Pictures June 22 -28

Some of the wonder and beauty from last week!

I discovered a blackberry bramble in the backyard! It had been hidden by overgrowth and appears to be quite established. YUM!

The branches are LOADED with berries!

I had to cut a tunnel into the area where the blackberries are growing so I could reach the inner branches. Once inside the bramble, I found several new trees, including a lovely Magnolia!
This silly cat! Some days won't give me the time of day and other times is just so darn funny!

Thick fog as we left the mountain one morning

A yummy dinner at my mom's! Chicken Nachos (I think!)
 Kickin' back with my Aunt and Uncle while they were visiting.
We had a clowning event that had been planned before we knew they were coming to visit... so they went with us... and did not escaped unpainted and un-ballooned! 

We left my Mom's after sitting outside visiting and about 10 minutes after leaving her house it suddenly started raining so hard we could barely see the road! 

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