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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Thelma's Doggone Adventure

   Thelma ran for all she could muster. The humid air, thick in her lungs. She darted in and out of traffic, frantically searching. She had seen her mom leave but now could not find her anywhere! The loud noises were frightening. The pavement steaming hot. The hands reaching for her made her skitter away. Now she didn't know which way to turn and didn't trust any of these strangers! Thelma had to run faster and harder to keep them from catching her. Day turned to night and back to day. Each minute was fraught with anxiety and danger. Wide-eyed and crazed with fear, Thelma told herself to keep running. With a suddenness she couldn't comprehend, the ground began to vibrate and music filled the air. It was loud and incomprehensible to her small ears. On the side street there was a little less traffic, but still she ran.
 The sun faded away into another hot, sticky Southern night. Thelma wondered when this horror would end. Would she ever see her family again? Would she ever get to go home? 
  By the third day desperation was clinging to her like a rough and prickly blanket. It was too hot and she wasn't used to this humidity. Thelma was nearly choked by the fear. She ran on, darting through the speeding cars, managing to avoid them, but just barely. She didn't dare stop now!
The fourth day dawned and Thelma knew she had to get help. She wasn't going to last much longer. Thelma struggled with whom to trust. Everywhere she looked was huge and teeming with activity. Some didn't even look her way. Some looked but didn't recognize her fear and anguish. After many miles of running, hiding and avoiding, exhaustion was enveloping Thelma, threatening to slip her away from her Earthly bonds. 
Determined, she pushed aside the fear and distrust. She had to get help from these strangers. Thelma crept in the door of the grocery store, the cooler air rushing into her face. she laid down in the corner, not realizing she wasn't supposed to be in this place. She was too tired to move when the stranger came towards her.
Checking her ID, the stranger realized she was very, very far from home and did the only thing they could. The police dispatcher answered the phone and immediately recognized that the description and info being relayed was from the missing report before her. An officer was dispatched right away. Thelma couldn't fight any longer. She had to trust that somehow everything would be okay.
 A family sat down to dinner out after the exhausting and disappointing days behind them. The unspoken fears hanging between them. So many tragic possibilities could be the reality. Suddenly, a cell phone was ringing,  Facebook messages being sent. As the call was answered, tears began to flow, alarm filling the hearts of those at the table. Hands clasped as wide inquiring eyes stared at each other. In a moment, the world changed. Three of the four family members jumped up and ran towards the door. This nightmare, for better or worse, was coming to an end. 
At the police station, the door opened, eyes were searching... and as suddenly as it had began, it was over. Thelma was reunited with her family!


Meet Thelma:

My Aunt and Uncle came to visit us all the way from Washington state and a few days after their arrival, Thelma their 10 year old, 7 pound Yorkie escaped from Mom's fenced yard in an effort to follow my Aunt, who had left with my mom. She was gone for four days and we were fearful that she wouldn't be found before they needed to head home. Mom called the animal shelter, area veterinarians and the police. We posted to several local Facebook groups trying trying to reach as many people as possible. It was very scary because it also happened to be the weekend that the Rock the South concert was taking place so there was lots of extra traffic and lots of out of area visitors. We began getting messages from people that had seen Thelma, some even trying to catch her to prevent her from getting hurt. None of them could catch her and by the time my Mom and Aunt would get to the area of the latest sighting, Thelma would already be gone again. For such a little dog, she traveled several miles over the four day period! On that final day, she finally walked into the local Aldi's grocery store and collapsed in exhaustion. Someone was able to get a look at her tags and recognized the info from our many online postings and pleas. They called the police. The police had Thelma's description and the information to contact us so they sent an officer right over to get Thelma. The call to mom's cell phone came my parents, aunt and uncle had sat down to dinner at a local restaurant. 

They jumped up to rush over to the police department a few blocks over from where they were. Thelma managed to escape the ordeal with only one wound... where her harness had rubbed her skin, some dehydration and exhaustion. I am SO happy that the story has a happy ending with Thelma being reunited and going home with not only my Aunt and Uncle, but her daughter. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Week In Pictures June 15 - 21

This church is in the center of town and was heavily damaged during the tornado outbreak in 2011. I have a fascination with steeples and this one is just really pretty. It was so sad to see it battered but it didn't topple and with lots of work and great care it looks great once again.

Our Grandfather was in a rehab facility on Father's Day after a fall that broke his pelvis. Grandmother's gift for him was a replacement wedding ring for the one he had lost some time ago.

"Poor" little calf was outside the fence!

The rest of the herd were just chillin'.... or at least cooling off.

 Date night with my fellas! Dinner and a movie!

The Crystalline Entity got trapped in my Ice Ball!

What interesting things did you see this week?

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Product Review: QSpeed CoQ10 Fast Melts


I was recently sent a box of QSpeed  Fast-Melt CoQ10 supplement to review. Everything about this supplement is easy peasy! The package opens easily, the tablets are easy to remove from the foil backed packs and easiest of all is taking them! 

Once you place it on your tongue, it begins to quickly melt away. I love this because I not only hate swallowing pills, sometime I have a hard time doing so. If they don't go down the first time or get stuck I get that panicky feeling which makes it even harder to get it to go down. Not a problem with these. It makes it such a great difference from swallowing pills!

The easy is not the only benefit.... the taste! QSpeed tablet have an amazing orange flavor! It reminds me of the vitamin C tablets or baby aspirin from when I was a kid. What an easy way to take a supplement and kick your energy level into gear! 

If you take CoQ10 for your health, you might like to try taking it in an easy Fast Melt tablet that tastes great! 

QSpeed CoQ10 Fast-Melt Tablets can be found at Amazon.com


Disclaimer: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. This post contains affiliate links.

Kid's Craft: American Flag

Here's an easy little craft that can be done with kids for the Fourth of July, Flag Day or any patriotic holiday or event. 

The materials I used were craft sticks, a piece of cardboard, coffee beans, scissors and glue.
First, I cut the marked and cut the four blue sticks and two each of the red and yellow sticks. Once the cutting is done, the kids can start helping. I didn't have any white sticks so I painted the yellow ones. 

I already had a piece of cardboard that had a white side. If you don't have a piece with white already on it, a coat or two of white paint will do fine to make it less noticeable through any little gaps. I cut the cardboard slightly smaller than the craft sticks so it wouldn't show at the edges. I "scribbled" thin lines of glue in swirls over the white side of the cardboard. You don't want so much that it squishes out the side or between the sticks. 

Then simply arrange the sticks in order like the flag. You can place a thick book or something with a little weight on top to keep the cardboard from bowing while the glue dries. 

While the flag was drying, I painted the coffee beans white. Once the beans were dry I glued them in a staggered formation onto the blue sticks to serve as the stars. 

Once done, you can glue a piece of ribbon or string and hang it up or place it in an easel stand for display. 


Monday, June 23, 2014

LEGO® KidsFest Atlanta Update

LEGO® KidsFest In Atlanta GA is this Friday through Sunday. I have received word that the Saturday Session 1 is at "limited availability", meaning it is nearly sold out. If you plan on going, you can buy tickets online to ensure you can attend the session of your choice.


Did you know the LEGO® model of Lightning McQueen is made up of 325,000 bricks and weighs more than 1 ton! See this model and others at LEGO® KidsFest Atlanta June 27-29!

For tickets and more information visit www.LEGOkidsfest.com.


Friday, June 20, 2014

June 20 and 21 - Disney Movie Rewards Code - FINAL CODE!

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

June 19 - Disney Movie Rewards Code

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Product Review: Infernal Innovations Ice Sphere Molds

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
We're not big drinkers in our house... well not alcohol drinkers. We do however, imbibe in lots of other beverages! My fridge doesn't have an ice maker and I loath filling ice trays. I do keep two filled since my guys like ice, but I don't care for regular cubed ice. I hate the way it sticks together and forms an iceberg in the glass that just waits for you to tip it up for that first sip, so it can come crashing into your face! 
Years ago I had an ice ball mold but ended up only using it a few times because it was difficult to fill and difficult to remove the ice. I was excited to receive this set by Infernal Innovations to review because the design was much different than the ones I had before.
I love how easy these are to use! Simply fill to the line, gently press the silicone lid into place, place in the freezer and BAM! In a few hours you have a couple of huge 2.5 inch, marvelous ice balls for your next drink! 
I have found these easy to remove from the mold. By simply running some warm water over the mold when you take it out of the freezer, the silicone lid comes right out and then the ball slides out into the glass. 

I have used this with several different beverages from water to juice to Gatorade to soft drinks. The ice balls do not dilute the drink like regular cubes do. It is amazing to finish a drink and it is still cold and tastes good, not watered down!


The design of the mold is really cool too. They stack together so they stay nice and neat and don't tip over in the freezer. The lids are designed to catch any overflow that might occur as the water expands so you don't have water all over the freezer. They are also BPA free, easy to clean (YEA!) and can be washed in the dishwasher. Although honestly, they wash by hand quick and easy too. Another really nice thing - they have a lifetime replacement warranty! 
I am enjoying ice again! The ice balls are so much more enjoyable. No icebergs crashing into my face, drinks that stay cold and drinks that aren't diluted before I'm finished with them. I immediately refill each one each time I fix a drink so I have ice ready every time. I am loving these!

How would you like to experience a new way to make ice balls and enjoy your beverages? You can find this awesome set of Ice Sphere Molds By Infernal Innovations on Amazon.com. 


Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. The opinions expressed are 100% my own and yours may differ. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. This post contains affiliate links.

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