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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kid's Craft: American Flag

Here's an easy little craft that can be done with kids for the Fourth of July, Flag Day or any patriotic holiday or event. 

The materials I used were craft sticks, a piece of cardboard, coffee beans, scissors and glue.
First, I cut the marked and cut the four blue sticks and two each of the red and yellow sticks. Once the cutting is done, the kids can start helping. I didn't have any white sticks so I painted the yellow ones. 

I already had a piece of cardboard that had a white side. If you don't have a piece with white already on it, a coat or two of white paint will do fine to make it less noticeable through any little gaps. I cut the cardboard slightly smaller than the craft sticks so it wouldn't show at the edges. I "scribbled" thin lines of glue in swirls over the white side of the cardboard. You don't want so much that it squishes out the side or between the sticks. 

Then simply arrange the sticks in order like the flag. You can place a thick book or something with a little weight on top to keep the cardboard from bowing while the glue dries. 

While the flag was drying, I painted the coffee beans white. Once the beans were dry I glued them in a staggered formation onto the blue sticks to serve as the stars. 

Once done, you can glue a piece of ribbon or string and hang it up or place it in an easel stand for display. 


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