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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Week In Pictures June 15 - 21

This church is in the center of town and was heavily damaged during the tornado outbreak in 2011. I have a fascination with steeples and this one is just really pretty. It was so sad to see it battered but it didn't topple and with lots of work and great care it looks great once again.

Our Grandfather was in a rehab facility on Father's Day after a fall that broke his pelvis. Grandmother's gift for him was a replacement wedding ring for the one he had lost some time ago.

"Poor" little calf was outside the fence!

The rest of the herd were just chillin'.... or at least cooling off.

 Date night with my fellas! Dinner and a movie!

The Crystalline Entity got trapped in my Ice Ball!

What interesting things did you see this week?

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