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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our Little Love Story Part lV - The Magical Day

Today marks the day that we said "I Do"! 

It's funny what we remember and what we don't. I remember the two of us planning our wedding together. He was very involved in choosing what we wanted. We had so much fun doing it all. we didn't want the "normal" so we chose a Troll theme. We found Troll Bride and Groom dolls for our cake topper, little miniature trolls for the stairs connecting the satellite cakes to the main one, a liquid and glitter-filled pen for guest to sign the guest book and troll lace biters for my shoes! My traditionalist Grandmother was absolutely horrified and tried to get my mom to make me change it. 

The day itself, was a blur for me. I remember being afraid I would fall down the stairs during the processional, but I don't clearly remember going down them. I remember riding in the car with my sister, but I don't really remember getting into the car with her. She was taking me to get some things from the house after having been to town to get our hair and nails done. I remember a dog on the side of the road catching my eye and making her stop so I could check to see if it was our dog that had went missing.... I ran back down the road hoping it was and ready to put him in the car with us... it wasn't him. I don't remember getting to the house retrieving the things, or even leaving again. I just remember that before I knew it we were at Harry's house where our wedding was going to take place. I don't remember getting into all the under clothes and crinolines. I just remember being in the dress and putting the finishing touches with jewelry.




As a surprise for him, I had the Groom's cake made to resemble his (our) Toyota pickup.


I held it together pretty well until we were doing the last minute hair and make-up checks before going back upstairs for pictures... My mom brought in a bride doll to give to me and I lost it. 

To anyone else this doll would probably mean nothing. To mean it meant so much. It had been given to my great great grandmother. She had hung it on the wall in her little house and it was there until she died when she was 103 years old. She lived in Alabama and I had lived in Wyoming and we spent some time with her I think about a year before she died. I remember loving being around her old home place. She was one of those awesome old women. She smoked a pipe, chewed tobacco, tended her cows, pigs and chickens way up into her 90's. She was a strong minded, strong willed woman and I adored her. So getting a doll that she had treasured for so long meant so much. Of course the water works came on in full force. And wouldn't stop. I managed to stifle them for photos but in between they just kept coming. It must have been quite the site as I bawled my eyes out as I walked up the aisle to the man I was about to be joined with... That must have filled him with so much reassurance!

My Mother-In-Law wrote and sang a song for us during the ceremony. I KNOW she did this, but I was crying and I can not recall her actually doing it! I know at some point I handed my bouquet to my sister. Don't remember doing it. Got them back from her. Don't remember getting it back. Before the wedding, we had decided to recite some vows, but didn't really know what we wanted to say. One day shortly before THE day, he told me what we should say. It was a simple one line vow that said all that needed to be said: I betroth myself to you....  or some thing like that. I don't remember saying the actual words! I had not heard the word in that context but when he explained that it meant he was giving me all of him and all he had, I knew it was all that we needed.

The preacher finished his words and pronounced us (I think!) and I only vaguely remember kissing my husband. I am quite frankly surprised I did not faint at some point. I do not remember walking back down the aisle with him. I don't remember cutting the cakes, doing the toast and drinking the fizzy apple juice that looked like champagne. Thank goodness there are pictures! 

I do sort of remember talking to some of our friends and finally getting a bite to eat. I do remember while I was talking to some guests they came to get me for pictures or something. Our reception was fun and felt pretty relaxed. The cake tasted GREAT. It was one of the best tasting wedding cakes I had ever had or have had since. I only sort of remember our "getaway run". I do remember getting into our decorated truck to find my sister-in-law and her boyfriend had put several condom packs in various places for us to find. 

We drove back to the house and we changed our clothes. I remember him helping to unzip my dress and about a pound of birdseed fell onto the carpet!  
Then we did the totally normal thing newlyweds do....... we drove back over to Harry's house and helped his Moma and my parents clean up the house a little. I had to actually retrieve my little "getaway bag" before we headed out for our honeymoon because I had forgotten to put it in the truck earlier in the day.......

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