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Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Start Of Our Little Love Story

At the end of this month the Big Guy and will be celebrating our 21st Wedding Anniversary. This is how we met....
We moved to AL at the last 6 weeks of my 9th grade year. By the time school started the next Sept, I had agreed to be a "Band Aid", one of the kids that pick up and lay out flags and other props while the marching band and majorettes perform the half-time show. At the end of the month we were at an away game and we couldn't get off the bus because it was raining. I honestly do not remember, but hubby says the rain let up and we were able to do the half-time show and then got back on the bus.... What I do remember is that I was at the back of the bus with the "flag girls", just having fun with my friends when another friend, Cheryl,came back there and told me someone wanted to meet me. I said okay and followed her up the aisle to the middle of the bus. When Cheryl stopped and began introducing us, I looked up and that was IT. I can not explain what happened. I had already been sort of hanging out with two other guys getting to know them, but at that moment I forgot every one else. I knew RIGHT THEN that no matter what THIS was the guy I wanted to be with. I can not even remember what we talked about that night, but except for Cheryl, everyone else disappeared that night. It was that quick. That immediate. He later told me he heard me laugh. That was what caught his attention and  he looked back to see who had laughed. He asked Cheryl if she knew who I was and said he wanted to meet me. What makes that so amazing is he was a pretty quiet and shy guy that was not usually given to being so bold. We were complete opposites. He was shy, serious, focused, an introvert. I was kind of wild, outgoing. I wore bright neon clothes, created my own crazy outfits, wore different colored shoes, and colored my hair in a rainbow of colors with permanent markers. Stars aligned, fate intervened, whatever. It was meant to be. 

A few night after we met, the Fair was in town. I went with some friends. His best friend's sister asked him to go. Little did we know we had been set up. The best friends sister had asked him because she knew her parents wouldn't question it, but as soon as they found me she ditched us to go meet up with the guy she was really seeing! My friends had taken off too so it was just the two of us. We walked around and began riding rides together..... something he didn't tell me was that prior to coming to the Fair, he and his best friend had went and scarfed out on pizza. LOTS of pizza. We rode things like The Spider, The Zipper, Round Up, Gravitron...... all rides that spin, go up and down, flip upside down. Well after all that,what happened was pretty inevitable. As we exited the last ride we rode that night, the Flying Elephants, he was behind me and he puked. I didn't see it happen and he ran past me and went to the restroom. He had two shirts on that night and when he came out of the bathroom he only had one. I asked where his shirt was and he kind of mumbled that he threw it away. Not knowing he had thrown up, I was confused! Bless him! He was so embarrassed! And yet it didn't matter. That spark was so strong! The next school day, we were just as together as that first night on the bus.
The Early Days!
After two weeks of being together non stop our friends were asking "So are y'all a couple or what?" :) So he "formalized" it by getting down on his knee and asking if I would be his girlfriend. AWWWWwwww! I know mushy mushy! Little did he know that lots of the girls he had known for years had crushes on him but were apparently not bold enough to ask him out. And he was to focused on other things to notice them noticing him. For a few months after we met, I got threats from some of them, warning me that I better not hurt him in any way! I was an outsider that showed up out of the blue and snatched up one of theirs. It worked itself out and the more time passed we all became friends.
I didn't know it until later but his mother was alarmed by me too. He was a Senior and had just gotten his class ring. She had worked for the better part of a year to pay it off and he had not had it very long. One day I took it because back then girls wore their boyfriend's rings. I didn't have one to give him so he took a neon pink lace scarf I had and hung it from his rear view mirror in his car. It did not take long for his mom to notice the ring was missing and there was a pink thing hanging from his mirror!  
A short 2 1/2 months after we met his Mom was freaked out again when he bought the first Christmas gift.... a diamond ring! It was a cute little thing! I loved it! We both under stood it was not an engagement ring, but had to keep telling our parents to convince them....I would be 5 years before we took THAT step.

Two Rings and A Pink Scarf

Those were glorious days that I will treasure forever and wouldn't trade for anything. We got married on the anniversary of the day we met, so our Anniversary is always a dual celebration for us. This year will mark our 26 years together, 21 of them married. 

How did you meet your spouse? 

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