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Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Journey To Better With #PersonalTrainerFood - Week 3


I can't beleive this is the start of week three! I truly wish I could convey with mere words how GOOD I feel. And it is so easy!

I haven't really told you much about the program I am participating in. The one I am participating in is called REV and it is a 28 day program, one of a couple different ones offered by Personal Trainer Food.
They offer a menu that is packed full of delicious selections for you to choose from. For the REV program, I selected items for breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Other plans includes snacks. I am learning that more is not always better. I get full on less food and yet have more energy that I would have thought possible. This program has helped me break loose of the hold that sugar and starchy foods had on me. That's not to say the temptation is gone, but I am finding it easier to either skip those foods or find an alternative.

Exercise is part of the plan too, but it's not what you'd expect. They don't ask you to eat a tiny little bit of food and then do hours of exercise. Twenty minutes of walking a day. That's it. No trying to be ready for a marathon in one month type workouts. Just walking. I increased my length of time on my own, only because I felt up to it as my strength increased. 

Another thing that is fantastic about Personal Trainer Food is the support. They are there for you through it all and in whatever way you are most comfortable.You get a daily email with great information, you get a weekly check-in (by email or phone, your choice), along with weekly videos. And anytime in-between they have live chat, phone and email support. The people are super friendly and knowledgeable. That has been a terrific part of this. Knowing that someone was there to talk to, if and when I needed them. 

I am finding that in this third week, my attitude has even changed. I don't say "I can't have that". I am instead saying "I choose not to have that". That puts a whole new perspective on it! 

While shopping I stopped to look at some shirts. I need new clothes, but I have come to absolutely hate clothes shopping. So I found some shirts and they were on sale, so flipped through and picked out two I liked in my size. As I turned to move on I spied another shirt that I like, but it was a size smaller and there wasn't one in my size. The tag also wasn't marked that it was on sale. I put it in the cart and was going to check the price before buying it. It turned out to be on sale so I kept it. I was nervous to try them on. I tried on the smaller size first and to my amazement, it fit! No buttons gaping open at the bust or anything! The ones in my "normal" size are looser than they used to be and the seams aren't being stressed to the maximum burst point. That gives me so much hope!

Along with the new perspective about what I am putting in my mouth, following the ideas and direction of this plan makes it easy for my to eat where ever we happen to go. I have had a few days where heating the food that had been provided to me, was not an option, but it was easier than I would have imagined to stick to it. 

Seeing the differences in my body is also incouraging. I never would have dreamed that there would be a noticeable change in three weeks! I'm by no means a stick figure, but there is a little less bump on the hips, a little less rubbing of the thighs, a lot less spillout over the bra, even my wrist and ankles are no longer as puffy. I was able to wear a stretchy bracelet that I wasn't able to wear before because it was too tight and dug into my flesh like a torture device. 

Observations from this week:

~ It's becoming second nature to pass up sugary, starchy foods. I even made cookies for my husband for Valentine's Day and wasn't tempted to gobble down any for myself. 

~ This might be the first summer in my adult life where I might be able to wear a bathing suit without feeling like a whale. Without feeling like people are staring at me thinking I am the last person that should be wearing a bathing suit.

~ I could actually learn to enjoy shopping for clothes. As my excitement has grown about the changes I have noticed, I have a goal in mind for myself. My son and I get Santa pictures every year along with my sister-in-law, her kids and my mother-in-law. We always have a great time, but I am always mortified at my appearance once they print that photo out. I don't want to be mortified this year. 

~ This is literally the best I have felt in years and I wish I could shout it to the world!


Disclosure: I received products from Personal Trainer Food for the purpose of review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own based on my usage of the product. You opinion and experience may differ.

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