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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Miracle - Day 13 of the #WordADayChallenge

Today's word is Miracle.

When I think of this word, a few things come to mind. My husband and my son.
When I met my husband I was a 16 year old wild child. Not wild in a really bad way, but just enough over the line that I wasn't headed in the right direction. He was so different than most of the boys I had "went with" and he was completely different than me. I didn't even see how off the rails I was at the time, but looking back, I feel like he saved me. In his quiet, calm way, he pulled be back from a precipice that I wasn't even aware I was tettering on the edge. I'm not even sure he realizes it, But I sure do hate to think of what would have become of me if he had not come into my life when he did. I am most grateful he decided to stay!

 Our son is our miracle. After a couple of years of fertility treatments and a miscarriage, I wasn't sure I'd be able to have a child. After the miscarriage there was a waiting period. My hormone levels needed to come back down, plus I needed the time to process what had happened. A few months later, we decided to try one more time and went back to our doctor. The information gained from the previous tries, gave us a starting point, since we knew I COULD get pregnant. So we went through it all again, this time in secret, because I couldn't bear the thought of having to give our families devastating news again. Once again, my husband came through. He learned how to give me the shots I would need so we could do them at home. The fertility clinic was an hour away and we really couldn't run down there every single day. Once again it worked and I got pregnant. We were SO nervous! During this journey, my husband's grandfather, whom he loved very deeply, had gotten sick and needed surgery. He wasn't recovering afterwards and when i was 6 weeks along in the pregnancy, we went to the hospital to visit, but before we could make it to the elevator, I stopped to use the restroom and discovered I was bleeding really bad. We never made it up to Grandpa's room, instead we left that hospital and headed to the ER that was attached to the hospital complex where my doctors were. After a lot of stress and anxiety, they could not find a reason for the bleeding. They were set to release me and I asked if they were SURE the baby was okay and the tech said yes. I asked if he was absolutely sure and he said yes, but let's do one more thing. He took us down a hall and into a tiny room with a sonogram machine in it. He hooked me up and the next thing we heard was a very strong and fast heartbeat booming through the room. My heart exploded and I burst into tears! My tiny butterbean shaped baby's heartbeat at only 6 weeks old was the most joyous moment. They told me to use caution and to rest for the remainder of the weekend until I could see my doctor on Monday. 

On Monday, the doctor confirmed that everything was still good, so on our way back from my appointment we went to see his grandpa. We arrived to find several family members already there. Grandpa's organs never really "woke up" after his surgery and nothing had worked. His health was failing fast and we knew it. We stayed all day and something inside told me this was our only chance to tell him about "Bean". I whispered to my husband that we needed to tell Grandpa so we went and sat with him and we each whispered to him and told him he was to be a great grandfather. We went back to sit down, but just moments after, everything stopped. Grandpa took his last breath and just slipped quietly away. I think he would have liked Bean.

After that initial scare, I didn't have any other problems with the pregnancy, but then had some issues at delivery that forced a c-section. For all the bumps in the road that little guy made it and he has been the joy of our lives since! Our own precious miracle.

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