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Friday, February 12, 2016

Laughing - Day 12 of the #WordADayChallenge

Today's word is Laughing.

Is laughter an emotion?!?! It should be! I love laughing. Hearing people laugh for good reasons is the sweetest sound. 

I have always been the optimistic one and my husband the more studious and serious one. My laughing is how we came to meet. We were on the band bus at an away game (he was a drummer, I was an aide) and the band director wouldn't let us off because it was raining and we had something the next day.. I think maybe it was the fair parade. Anyway. he didn't want the uniforms to get muddied because they were dry clean. So we were trapped on the bus and I was at the very back with the Flag girls. We were all pretty good friends, so we were cutting up and having a good time. He heard me laughing and asked a friend who I was.. He didn't know I was friends with the girl too. She came back and got me and told me someone wanted to meet me. We literally have been together since that night.  Because I was laughing. :)

The name of my blog comes from that comparison of us. I have always loved clowns and have a curio cabinet with clowns things in it that I have been given. Years and years ago, we were joking around and I was kidding him about being a pessimist and he said I was the clown, he was the frown! And it kind stuck with me all these years. He is the opposite of me in many ways but he can make me laugh like nobody else! He is really quite funny for a serious guy. He has always been the calm to my storm, yet he can make me laugh uncontrollably. Our ability to laugh has been at least part of the glue that helps keeps us together, because it's been 28 years and we're still laughing! 


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