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Saturday, February 27, 2016

I Will Soar


The sun comes up
The rays shine down
I will soar.

The rain comes down, and the winds will roar
When the storm is over,
I will soar.
Sometimes I stumble and even fall
I won't stay down long.
I might need to cry
But my eye is always on the sky
I'll wipe my tears away once more
I will soar.

I might get knocked down
with my face towards the ground
But deep in my core
I'll know, I will soar.

You can't see the music
but my heart plays the score
I will soar

My heart might get broken
I'll pick up the battle worn pieces
Still beating with the pulse of hope
Maybe never as it was before,
But still, I will soar
You may see only darkness
My spirit knows there's light
My wings may be folded and out of sight
But always ready to take flight
I will soar

You might think I'm nothing
But I know I'm so much more
One day you'll see,
I'm gonna soar.
Words and Photos: Lisa Williams

#poetry #poem #IWillSoar

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