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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Rockin' Where Ever You Want With The DKnight Magicbox II Bluetooth Speaker

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A speaker that puts out good sound makes listening so much more enjoyable! I received the DKnight Magicbox II Bluetooth Speaker to review and among it's many features, it kicks out some awesome audio.

Red Light - Charging

I admit that I am the person that will belt out and sing along to my tunes with full gusto when I am cleaning house, fixing dinner or taking a shower. I sound horrible and can't sing, but I love music and it can help me focus and makes me happy. 
Blue Light - Charged

What doesn't make me happy is when the music sounds bad, is distorted, cuts in and out or is full of fuzzy static. This speaker puts out crisp, clear audio with a great even sound to it. And I can carry it about 33 feet away from my tablet if I need to go into the other room or something. It also has great clear sound when using for phone calls.
Buttons on the top of the speaker control everything. You can increase or decrease the volume, skip forward to the next song or skip back to replay the previous song, pause and play and answer or end a phone call. I like that the volume buttons are separate from the skip buttons because then I don't have to remember whether I need to do a long press or a short one for the function I want. 
The housing has a rubberized covering that makes it easy to hang onto and also provides a non-slip hold. It's heavy duty and rugged for using it inside or out. Except in water. 
A great accessory that is included with the speaker is the Bass Pad. If you have used a speaker with a really rocking song, you have watched it bounce around and possibly even walk right off a table or desk. This pad provides a surface to prevent that from happening! It holds the speaker in place so you can rock out without your speaker leaping over the edge. 
The speaker connected to my tablet on the first try without any problems and links up great everytime I turn it on. The charging cable is a flat cable that resists tangling and you also get an audio cable for using the speaker with you computer, laptop, mp3 player or any device that doesn't have bluetooth capabilities. 


I like the sound of this speaker and have been carrying it in my bag, listening to music every chance I get. I am already thinking of my Christmas list and I have some techno addicts that would love this. You can take a look at the DKnight Magicbox Speaker over on Amazon. I received the black one, but you can also get it in red and black, blue and black and gray.


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