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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Smooth Shaving, Stylish Shave Tools with the Estilo Badger Hair Shaving Brush and Brush Stand

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My guy likes to "wet shave" with what some might consider an old fashioned method - a brush and shave soap. I received this 100% Badger Hair Shaving Brush and Brush and Razor Stand from Estilo to review and they are both great quality!

The brush is super soft badger hair that is so silky, I am tempted to use it! On my legs! :) The soft bristles are luxurious, but still lift his beard for a soothing, enjoyable shave. The badger hair bristles work to create a rich lather while exfoliating the skin without scratching and irritating the sensitive skin of his face. 
This is a gorgeous brush. The handle is beech wood and it is as attractive as it is smooth. The gold band gives it a stylish appearance. It is very nice and you won't mind it being out on the vanity area.  

The Razor and Brush Stand is just as awesome and is a quality made product. We have had some flimsy ones that tipped over too easily or had the finish be cheap and flake off. This one has a weighted base that holds it steady. There is also a rubberized pad on the bottom  It is solidly built metal with a chrome finish. It is as elegant as it is functional. The stand is about six inches tall and will hold most shaving brushes and razors.
The stand helps your brush air dry which helps extend the life of the brush and it is more hygenic than leaving it laying on the counter or in the soap dish. It will hold both the shave brush as well as the razor to keep things nice and organized. 
These are both really great products. I surprised my husband with them and he liked them instantly. He fully appreciates when an item is built to last and does what it is supposed too. He's going to enjoy these for a long time! He even mentioned getting another set for our son. YIKES! Our son is going to need these soon! 

You can find this great Badger Hair Shave Brush and the Shaving Brush and Razor Stand over on Amazon. Give your guy elegant and classy shaving tools. 


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