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Monday, September 28, 2015

Estilo Acrylic Cosmetic and Jewelry Organizer Storage Box

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Does your bathroom counter or vanity area look like a disaster area left after a storm has passed through? I like organization. I like to be able to go right to the items I need and not have to run around searching for things. I received the Estilo Acrylic Cosmetic and Jewelry Organizer Box to review and it has many uses!

The organizer has two parts - the removable top can hold mascara, lipsticks, liners, cotton swabs, cotton balls and more. The four drawers can hold small tubes, applicators, eyeshadows and other makeup essentials.
You can also use the organizer to keep your jewelry neat and protected. I like having a specific place to put my rings when I take them off so they are safe from getting knocked into the floor or falling into a sink drain.
The drawers come with fleece padding that keeps jewelry in place. The drawers come all the way out and so does the black fleece padding. The drawers manuever smoothly without sticking. 
With this, no matter what items you choose to use it for, you have a place to keep things neat and tidy. The organizer is sleek looking and can match almost any area.
The organizer is durable and strong acrylic that doesn't yellow. It looks great in the bathroom, on a vanity table or your bedroom. 


I am in the process of redoing the vanity space in the master bath and this is going to be perfect once I am done! You can find this stylish organizer over on Amazon. 


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1 comment:

Lisa Brown said...

I love the acrylic organizers; that one is just the right size for your daily makeup things. My counters have so much overflow I have not room for this organizer.