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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Keep The Whole Family Charged With The Volmate 60W 8-Port Family-Size Desktop Rapid Charger

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It seems everything we have these days, charges by USB and you have to have adapters to be able to plug things into a wall socket. If your household is like ours there are charging cables in outlets all over the house and everyone is always running around to gather their devices. I received the Volmate 8-Port Family-Size Desktop Charger to review and it reins in your devices to one place.

We have everything from a cell phone, tablet bluetooth earphones to bluetooth speakers that charge using the USB interface. We also have adater so we can plug them into the wall outlets, but there are only two plug-ins on each outlet. Unless you invest in outlet adapters that increase the number of outlets...then you have outlets with things sticking three to four inches out from the wall. It just doesn't look good.
With a Volmate, you can plug in up to 8 devices to charge at the same time. With this, you can create a central charging area for everyone to plug in their devices and they can stop unplugging lamps and other household items to free up an outlet!

A difference I notice with the Volmate compared other multiple chargers I have used is that I don't have to worry about which device I am plugging into which outlet. The Volmate features Intellegent USB ports that communicate to recognize the device to provide the fastest charging speed. It also has overcharge protection to prevent overheating and damaging devices. 
It love having this to charge my devices and accessories because it frees my laptop up! I can charge bluetooth speakers, earphones and my tablet with the charger and not have a gazillion wires coming from every side of my laptop while I'm working. The charger seems to do it much faster since it isn't bogged down with the 1,254 tabs I always have open while I'm working. 
The charger is compact enough that you can use it anywhere in your house. It also would be great when traveling. I learned how valuable outlets can be when I traveled to Georgia earlier this year. There were three of us sharing a room and outlet space was at a premium. It would have been great to have this plugged into one outlet and each of us would have been able to charge our devices without doing gymnastics across the room and over cables. 


The Volmate Rapid Charger has won me over just in the way it helps in our daily routine. You can find yours over on Amazon and consolidate your family's charging areas.


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