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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Watch It Grow! Expandable Garden Hose

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I love the technology that has brought us these expandable hoses! It makes using the water hose so much easier. I received one of these Ultra Lightweight Expandable Hoses to review and it has some great features!

The outer material is soft to the touch and easy to handle. It is super light and easy to carry around. When you connect it to the faucet and it fills with water, the hose automatically expands to 50 feet and defies kinks. Even when filled, the hose is not only lightweight, but very easy to handle. You can move around without worrying about it kinking and cutting off the water.
I was a little weary when I saw that the connector was plastic, but my feelings completely changed when I saw the entire connector. You only need to thread the connector base on once and then the hose end connects using a sliding connection. You pull down on the hose end of the connection and slide it on the faucet, snapping it into place. It fastens securely and doesn't leak. I love the way it works because it makes it easy to connect and disconnect the hose since I don't leave the hose outside. And it prevents repeatedly screwing the plastic threads onto the metal ones of the faucet. 
The hose came with a seven setting nozzle that has worked great. It too is plastic, but sturdy and sprays terrific. It too connects to the hose using the same pull down connector as the faucet end uses. 

There are a few precaustions with these type hoses. You don't want to leave it outside, exposed to the weather or critters that might claw it. You don't want to drag it over the parts of a fence or through any place with shape edges. The fabric and the silicone hose inside can be punctured. You should never leave the water on allowing the hose to become overly full because it will split or burst. With just a little care though, the hose can last a long time. 
I love the expanable hose. I have plants to water, animal water bowls to fill and a rabbit cage to clean out. This makes it easy to get these things done. It's easy to carry around, even if I am carrying other things and the quick connector is a dream.


This hose is great for any job and since it is so light, almost anyone can handle it easily. You can find the 50 Foot Expandable Hose over on Amazon. 


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