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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Relax Under Waves Of Color With The Ocean Wave Projector

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Lighting can set the mood, whether you want a relaxing atmosphere or and exciting one, lighting can be used to create it. I received the Ohuhu® Ocean Wave LED Light Projector and Speaker to review and it is wild!

This is more than an average light changing lamp. A small disc over the 12 LED lights moves while projecting the light through the 5 1/4 inch rippled lens, creating wonderful, ever-changing waves across the ceiling, wall or any surface it is aimed towards. 
The patterns and colors are mesmerizing! The push of a button takes you to the next color. There are 8 different color patterns taking you from a multi pattern to red, to blue to green. Pick one that fits you mood.

This lighted orb also contains a speaker and an input to plug in you mp3 player, computer, your phone, etc so you can enjoy your music at the same time. 

The projector can be operated off a wall outlet via the included outlet adapter or it can be operated off a USB device. You can take this almost anywhere to enjoy the hypnotic waves of color. It automatically turns off after an hour. I do wish there was a switch to deactivate the auto off for times when you want it to stay on longer. It's not that big of a deal to push the button to turn it back on though.

I love just turning off the light and having this cast waves over the ceiling and walls while watching TV or working on the computer. It gives me a tranquil feeling that calms me and lets my mind relax a little.


This lamp is great in the living room, bedroom or even a kid's room. You can experience the tranquil waves of color from the Ocean Waves Projector by scooting over to Amazon. Flood your room with color!


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