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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Light Up The Party With Huuman® Blacklight Neon Paints

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I love playing with color! I received a set of these Huuman Blacklight Neon Paint Set to review and they are fun!

You get six insanely bright colors in the set. They are super bright even without a black light, but they glow like crazy with one! The paints are a nice consistency that goes on smoothly and dries pretty quickly. 

The paints is water soluble. They might run or come off if you get extremely sweaty or wet. Mine was completely dry and came off after a few moments under running water with no soap. It washed clean away and did not stain my skin. 

 These are fun on skin, but you can also paint a canvas or poster board and create your own glowing art work or black light poster. Great activity for kids! It doesn't take a whole lot to create a nice design. I recommend using a paint palette or a coated paper plate and squeezing out a drop or two of the colors you want to use. That will help you to not waste as much of this cool paint.

I can see this being really fun for Halloween! Paint on a design, streak your hair or make your own mask and carry a Black Light Flashlight to shine onto your design when you want to glow! 
These paints are non-toxic, safe for skin, hair, nails, etc. They are eco-friendly and cruelty free. I painted very close to my eyes, which I would have left a little more space if I had been putting it on a child, but it washes away very easily with warm water if you or your little one happen to get it in your eyes.  


I am very pleased with the quality of these paints an the glow is phenomenal! If you're looking for something fun, these can be used for many different applications. The Huuman Neon Paints
are available over on Amazon. Be ready to light up any party!


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