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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Chop! Chop! Chop It Up! With The Kuuk #MiniPullChopper

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Chopping veggies for a salad just got easier and eco-friendly! I received the Kuuk Mini Pull Chopper to review and I really like this thing!

This is a neat little tool for times when you are fixing food for one or just need a cup or so chopped. 

It is super easy to use and works crazy good at chopping things up with just a few pulls of the handle. The stainless steel blades are super sharp and even cut up raw carrots pretty easily.

Two Pulls

Six Pulls

I love to toss in some fruits or veggies and chop them for salads or for cooking. You can pretty much fill it up and start pulling, but for hard ones like carrots, you might want to leave a little room because it will take a few pulls for those and the pieces will need a little wiggle room.

For some foods. all you'll need is one or two pulls, for others, like the carrots and celery, I pulled about six times. It depends on how finely chopped you want the food. Each pull chops 16 times so the more pulls you do, the finer it will chop them. You can even chop nuts or herbs.

This is perfect for camping, in an RV, traveling or anyplace you don't have access to electricity. It's also great for home use if you don't have an electric chopper or if you're like me and don't like lugging out a large machine for a small, quick job. This is quick, easy and doesn't require electricity. 
The bowl has a silicone ring inset into the bottom so it doesn't slip around on the counter top. 

SHHHH.. Don't tell on me! You're supposed to wipe the top with a damp cloth. I carefully rinsed the bottom and didn't get the top where the pull cord is, wet

Clean up is just as easy as the chopping! It rinses clean very quickly under a little running water. The bowl is dishwasher safe, but I have found it super easy to just wash and rinse by hand. There are only three parts: the bowl, the blades, and the lid. It stores all together and you can even use the bowl and lid to refrigerate your chopped up creation. 


Now that our kiddo is back in school, during the day, I am fixing smaller meals just for me and this is wonderful for quick prep and clean up. You can get this terrific Little Chopper over on Amazon. Chop it up!


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