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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Give Your Laundry Some Bounce! Natural Wool Dryer Balls From iGruv

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How complicated is your laundry routine? With all the products you see on the laundry aisle, you would think it required a degree in science to wash clothes!
It's easy to simplify by using less. The iGruv Natural Wool Dryer Balls do just that. I received a set of these dryer balls to review and while simplifying the laundry, they offer many other benefits.

The iGruv wool balls are hand-made of 100% New Zealand wool. There are no chemicals added so you don't have to worry about reactions to dangerous chemicals. Dryer balls can help save money because they are re-usable and they help get the clothes dry faster. 
Dryer balls are so easy to use. You simply toss them in with the laundry. That's it. I usually leave mine in the dryer between loads so they are already ready each time. I love these because I can use my essential oils with them. Sometimes when I wash the bed sheets, I add several drops of lavender to one of the balls. For some loads I add lemon oil for a fresh scent. It adds just enough scent without overwhelming the whole load. And it adds scent without using harmful, dangerous chemicals.
Several years ago I began learning about fabric softener. I had used dryer sheets for a long time, but what I learned made me stop using them immediately. Fabric softeners, whether liquid, sheets, bars, etc, are made with chemicals that can not only irritate skin and cause health problems, but can cause dryer fires. They work by depositing those chemicals onto your fabrics. They do not wash away in the rinse cycle. Towels that had had fabric softener added, may feel a little softer on your skin, but they don't absorb water as well because of that film. In the dryer, that film sticks to and builds up on the lint screen. You can't actually see it, but if you hold a lint screen under the faucet it will hold the water rather letting it run through! That film prevents the airflow through the lint screen and causes heat build up that can cause a fire. To remove the film, you need to wash the lint screen in hot soapy water until water will go through it.


I love using the dryer balls! They are saving us money since I no longer use any type of fabric softener or scent additives in my laundry. I feel better knowing I have eliminated another source of harmful chemicals from our household. You can make your laundry room a little more eco-friendly with iGruv Dryer Balls. They can be purchased over on Amazon. Give your laundry some bounce with dryer balls!


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