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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Get All The Great Ideas Down On The Shower Genius Idea Board

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Ideas usually come to mind at the most inopportune moments. As we are trying to fall asleep, in our dreams and of course, in the shower! I received the Shower Genius Idea Board to review and it is great for getting down that memo so you don't forget!

I don't know about you but it seems like the minute I get into the shower, instead of relaxing under the warm water gently falling on my shoulders, my mind takes a left turn onto a race track and is instantly traveling at speeds only seen in a Star Trek episode. 

Sometimes my thoughts seem to scatter, jumping from the chores I <still> need to do to the items I forgot to put on the shopping list to dates I need to remember. Other times it's like the planets align and the stars are in just the right place and I have  coherent thoughts. An entire poem or song can come to me in those moments. One thing all the moments have in common is that as soon as I turn off the water, all those thoughts and words fall right out of my head and are gone faster than the water swirling down the drain. 
With this handy little memo board, I can get the tasks, lists and words down before they disappear. Afterwards, the memo board can slide sideways off the suction cup holders so I can transfer my notes to paper or computer. 

In addition to the board, the set includes the pencil, suction cups for hanging and the towel for wiping the board clean. The pencil works on the board wet or dry. The suction cups will of course stick to surfaces like glass or tile. The suction cups have a sort of hook on them and I hung my board using those hooks to support the board. Once I had it where I wanted it, I turned the hooks sideways and the hold the board steady and in place. When I am ready to slide it out I simply rotate the hooks back out. 


This can be used for many things. Making lists, getting thoughts down, doodling or even leaving loved ones messages to find when they step into the shower. You can find the Shower Genius Waterproof Idea Board over on Amazon. Never forget the things you meant to remember!


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