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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

We Find Inspiration In Words - #WordsMatter With DaySpring Wooden Letters

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I have a few words that stick in my mind often. One is Faith. What must sometimes must seem like flying by the seat of our pants, is often the faith that things will work out the way they are supposed to or the way that is best for us. We have never really planned things very far in advance. There have really only been a few things we ever did plan ahead of time. One was our wedding. The other was our son. And that second one took a while to come to fruition. One of my other favorite words has sustained me through our trying times: Hope.

As an ridiculously optimistic person, hope is a guiding light for me. Even in the darkest moments when a small fractured voice inside is trying to tell me there is no way out, that it can't get better, Hope is always there. Hope shines a light through the smallest of cracks, offering that tiny glimmer, sometimes so small it is almost missed, passed off as something seen from the corner of the eye. The darkness tries to make you believe that it was just a figment of the imagination and that it really isn't there. But the thing about hope is, it never gives up. It keeps shining, slowing brightening the dark until it can't be ignored any longer. It drives the darkness back with a quiet ferociousness until we can see it more clearly, believe it, crave it and reach out for it with both hands. Hope lifts us from the depths and shows us that there is more. More to strive for, more to believe in, more to become.
I've heard it said that hope is paralyzing. I suppose in small moments that can be true, but ultimately we find it was truly fear that paralyzed, while hope was patiently waiting for us to reach past the fear. It is hope that brings us forward. Every time we take a step, every time we look ahead, every time we reach out to the unseen, hope is there. Hope is truly an unseen force that propels us forward, even when we feel we are in dark fathoms with no direction. Hope is still alive, ever flickering waiting for us to just notice that it is still there. All we have to do is look.


Dayspring, a division of Hallmark, has introduced Letterpress Blocks so now you can display the words that matter to you. Place the words that mean the most to you, where you'll see them everyday. Inspire others with the words that  encourage and inspire you. 
These wooden blocks are available in a variety of sizes and there are even some symbols and designs. Each block can be hung individually with the attached sawtooth hanger or you can choose to connect your blocks with the included clips that fit into the perfectly positioned grooves in the back of each block. Once connected the can be displayed on a flat surface or hung on a wall. Choose from some favorite words and sayings or create your own for your personal style. It's easy and once you receive your blocks, you'll see for yourself how gorgeous they are! Letterpress Blocks are a wonderful gift for any occasion or just to share with someone you love and cherish. You can choose or create your Words That Matter over at Dayspring.

Never lose hope, for without hope, all is truly lost. 


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