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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Curly Food Is Fun Food! 3-In-1 Veggie Spiralizer

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How many times were you told not to play with your food? Well, now you're all grown up and I say DO IT! 
I was thrilled to receive this Kuuk 3 in 1 Vegetable Spiralizer to review and it is wonderful!

I have been in restaurants that served fancy looking salads, sides or entrees. I didn't know how in the world they manipulated foods to look that cool! Now I know!
The spiralizer is surprisingly easy to use. It is also very fun!! I have used it to spiral some apples since we were given a few bag fulls from one of my husband's co-workers. Bless that man for remembering us! He has given us some of his home grown apples and pears every year for the last few years and he grows 'em GOOD! His apples are more firm than the apples from the grocery store. None of that mealy texture and bland taste! I skin them first and they go through the spiralizer so good. These curls are awesome by themselves or in a fresh salad. On a practical note, I can really see how something like this would be helpful for people who can not bite directly into hard fruits and vegetables.

The set includes three different cutting blades for shredding, chipping and slicing. The unit is plastic but that has not given me any trouble. The parts move smoothly and easily. The feet have suction cups that sticky to the counter and prevent the spiralizer from moving while you're using it. I was able to put a lot of pressure against my apples and it never moved. As you turn the crank and push the platform forward, the food is turned against the metal blades making great spirals and cuts. The blades not being used slide into handy slots in the bottom of the unit so you won't have loose accessories or parts to keep up with.

I was really impressed with how easily the whole thing cleaned up. I usually only have to use warm water and soapy wash cloth. Occasionally if bits get really wedged between the plastic and the blade, I use a toothbrush to brush it out. For clarification, it's a toothbrush I bought JUST for the kitchen after realizing how great they work for jobs like this.  ;) 


We are having a lot of fun slicing foods into spirals. We are anxious to get to the farmer's market for some different foods we want to try! Whether you just want to make food fun for the kids (or yourself!) or are looking for a way to jazz up salads and other dishes with different fresh ingredients, The Spiralizer from KUUK offers a fun, affordable way to add the pizzazz. You can find it available over on Amazon. Entice your kids to eat fresh foods or amaze everyone with your culinary prowess at the next get together!


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