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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sit! Stay! Train With The Dog Whistle Set

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Over the years we have had really really well behaved dogs and we have had a few that..... well we loved them anyway!

We have two great dogs now, but like us, they can always learn more. I had never tried a whistle to train so I was game to try the Pet Vitalix Dog Whistle to review.

I have worked with our dogs on a few basics since they were puppies and they have done very well. They sit, stay and behave very well for the most part. They are good natured and loving dogs in not a little jealous of each other. 
Cotton is our male and most of the time he is laid back and easy going. He minds well and doesn't jump up on us unless he is really overly excited. 
Rusty is our female and Cotton's sister. She minds pretty well, but can not sit still. She wiggles and edges closer to outdo Cotton every chance she gets. She's the one that will steal a treat faster than you can blink! She is much more excitable than Cotton and is quicker to jump up on us. 

One habit Rusty picked up is to "paw" our legs when she wants something or gets jealous of Cotton. It's annoying, but also painful because of her claws. I have been using the whistle to teach her to stop doing that! Little by little it seems to be working.
This whistle is tuneable so you can find a tone your dog (or  dogs) respond to. There was one position that caused Cotton to look at me quickly and then just turn around and walk away every time. It is very simple to change the tone. Simply unscrew the end and move the nut to a new position and tighten the whistle again. The screw is pretty long so you have a wide variety of positions to tune it to. 
The whistle features ultra high frequency tones that are silent and only dogs can hear. It is different from all the other sounds around them so they can easily distinguish them. The secondary tone is audible to humans so you can gauge the efficiency and hear the long and short whistles as you train your dog.  

The whistle comes on a nice lanyard that keeps the whistle at hand.  It also includes a little pet I.D. where you can record your contact information. It screws tightly closed to keep the info safe. You'll also get a downloadable instructional manual so you can learn tips and how to find the pitch.


Whether you need to train your dogs from scratch or need some slight behavior modification, the Dog Whistle Set from Pet Vitalix could help you achieve the desired result. You can find this set on Amazon. Who let the dogs good behavior out? You You You You!! :)


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