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Monday, August 3, 2015

Flower Power! Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower Hair Clips

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I love bright colors. They are just cheerful and happy! I was excited when I found out I was going to get to review these Hawaiian Hibiscus Flower Hair Clips because I had a few ideas swirling through my head.....

I wanted to wait until I saw what kind of clips they had before getting overly ambitious, but when they arrived they were perfect!
We had an event at a local department store and I used several of these adorable flowers in my hair and so many people loved them! I loved them! The clips held tight and I didn't lose a single flower either. I never even had adjust them or mess with them at all. I had my wig on for over 6 hours that day and the flowers were all just fine when I took them out.
The flowers are made of foam so they are very light and you barely feel them. There are two of each color: blue, white, pink orange, green and purple. These beautifully bright flowers can be clipped in your hair or on your clothes. Wear them with a costume, to a party or for a pop of color any time. They are perfect for a luau themed party! I loved wearing them as part of my clown costume and will be doing that again!


Whether you have a little girl that likes to wear pretty hair clips or you want to wear them yourself, these are wonderful. With 12 of them you have enough to share. These colorful Hibiscus Hair Clips are available on Amazon for a little more than $1 each. Bright and cheerful at a lovely little price!


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