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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Always Know Where You Are! Lensatic Compass by Under Control Tactical

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"No need to watch where I'm going. Just need to know where I've been"  -Mater in the movie Cars
I have always chuckled at that line. It has a ring of truth to it, but we also need to know where we are, in order to know where we are going. That's were the Lensatic Compass from Under Control Tactical can come in handy. I was fortunate to review on for myself!

Under Control Tactical has given us a compass that is a sturdy piece of equipment. If you hike, camp out or do any activities that take you into unfamiliar wilderness, a compass can be a great help. This compass has a rugged case that protects the liquid filled dial. The floating luminous dial offers nice, easy readability. 

There is also an adjustable, luminous marching line, thumb hold, magnifying viewer and sighting hairline. The compass is ideal for locating your position on a map or out in the field. It's light, yet at the same time, heavy duty. It folds to a nice, compact size that is great for any bag or backpack.
Some may think they don't need an instrument like a compass, but there are plenty of places where you can not be connected to computers, GPS or a phone that can tell you where you are. Knowing how to use and read a compass and paper maps are skills that has been shoved aside as technology expanded, but still important and useful skills. If you have ever been in a natural disaster like a tornado or hurricane, you know how the familiar can very quickly become very unfamiliar. It throws you off balance when you don't have the landmarks you have subconsciously relied on to orient yourself. When our area was hit with tornadoes in 2011, the landscape around us was altered drastically. I saw people that were having trouble navigating even paved streets because the buildings were either so severely damaged or they were completely gone. Street signs were gone. Cell service was gone, electricity was out and some people did not know which way to go. 


We spent time in scouts and like being outdoors so we like to be prepared. A nice durable compass is part of being prepared for what ever life throws at you or where ever your adventures take you. The Lensatic Compass from Under Control Tactical is available over on Amazon. Know where you are, so you know where to go!


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