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Friday, August 7, 2015

Adorable Wooden Embossed Flower Pattern Jewelry Box

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Have you begun thinking of gift yet? If you're like me, you're seeing those dreaded Elf memes on Facebook, counting down the seconds to Christmas! It can't be here already, can it?!?!  
I wasn't really giving it much thought until I got this lovely Wooden Embossed Box Set to review. There are actually many possibilities and gift occasions where these could be given.

There are two nested boxes in the set and they are both very nice. They are decorated with a beautifully embossed flower design and the antiqued hardware adds to the charm. 
They are lightweight, yet the hardware works smoothly and the boxes are well made. The larger one measures 4.5 inches long x 3.7 inches wide x 3.55 inches high. The smaller one measures  2.95 inches long x 2.2 inches wide x 2.4 inches high.
When I received these, my first thoughts went to Christmas and that they would make a great gift box to present small gifts or jewelry. The other occasions began popping to mind.... a bride sometimes gives jewelry gift to her bridesmaids, A husband giving or leaving surprise little gifts for his wife, a stocking stuffer for a little girl. They could be used to store your rings in when you need to take them off around the house. The latches ensure they'd be safe and sound. They are also beautiful for simple home decor that can be changed around periodically for a new look. Display one box or both, each on different tables or places on a mantle, open or closed. There are many, many options to choose from. I just adore them and am looking for the perfect place to display them.


You can stock up on these adorable Wooden Boxes from Valdler over on Amazon. There are a couple designs to choose from and they also have some gorgeous three box sets available.


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