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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tie Up A Neat Appearance With Men's Bodega Tie Clips

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As a female, tie clips aren't usually in the forefront of my mind. With earrings, necklaces, rings and hair do dads, I have my OWN accessories to worry about losing!
The opportunity to review this set of Eight Tie Clips from Men's Bodega, had me thinking about the men in my life.

I notice when my husband wears a tie, one because it isn't an everyday thing for him and two because well, he looks hot in a suit! He usually uses a tie clip he inherited or a tie pin from a club in which he has membership. 
Our son has loved ties since he was little. I used to get him little Easter suits that came with tiny little ties and because I am all thumbs when trying to tie one, I was grateful they came with clip-ons!
He used to wear his dad's ties for fun when he would play and in sixth grade he had to choose a "how-to" demonstration to do in front of his class, so he taught them all how to properly tie a necktie. 
While some kids groan about a dress code, our son likes it. He has to (gets to!) wear a tie to school everyday! When I showed him the tie clips he was excited. I sometimes wonder if he is normal! He was so proud to pick one out to wear for his middle school "graduation" ceremony. I think he was the only boy wearing a tie clip. 
Tie clips are a functional accessory. The hold a tie straight, helping maintain a neat, professional look. It keeps it laying down instead of trying to swim in your soup. On a windy day, a clip prevents your tie from trying to imitate a helicopter rotor!

Did you know there are rules for wearing a tie clip? Yeah, neither did I. I thought guys just slapped those things on where ever they wanted them!  But noooooo. There are rules!
An obvious one is that the clip should not only clip to the tie, but also the placket of the shirt. The placket is where the button and button holes are. 
Ideally, the tie clip should be clipped between the third and fourth buttons, holding the tie straight, covering the buttons of the shirt. 
And never wear a tie clip/bar that is wider than your tie. It's not a pretty sight. Just don't.
This is a really great set with a variety of tie clips to match with almost any color and style of tie. My son likes the box too. It is a great place to keep the clips organized and clean between uses.


If the man (or boy) in your life wears ties, this is a great set to gift them. The set of eight Men's Bodega Tie Clips will have them covered for every occasion they will ever need a tie for. You can order this set from Amazon for under twenty bucks.


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