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Monday, May 25, 2015

A Day To Reflect and Remember


Today is Memorial Day. I know it is "celebrated" with barbecues, trips to the lake and other outings by many and I don't condemn anyone for doing those things. For many it is the first long weekend they've had in awhile and it feels good to just get out. Nothing wrong with that.

I don't say "Happy Memorial Day". Because it is a somber day to reflect on the sacrifice others have made, that phrase feels wildly inappropriate. There have been many men and women that have stood in our defense and protected the freedoms of our Country. People fought and died for the freedoms I enjoy. There were people that stood and faced enemies that sought to destroy this Country even before I was born, but they stood there with an eye to the future, MY future. They felt to their bones that this Country was worth defending and protecting. I feel their sacrifice to my bones. I wish I could hug each and every one and tell them it was not in vain. That I am ever so thankful for all they did. EVERY DAY. My freedoms were paid for with their lives. They get recognition a few days of the year, but their contributions are with us every day in the things we enjoy, the moments we treasure.

So today, as you enjoy the extra day off from work, the extra hours to laugh and enjoy family and friends, I hope you'll take a few of those moments to reflect and say a thank you to those that sacrificed all they had in the hopes that everyone after them would be free. 

Remember Them. Honor Them. They bled and died for THIS.
And THIS represents US. The People. We ARE the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. 

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