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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Light Up The Night With The AYL Starlight 330 Ultra Bright Lantern

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In Alabama, it seems we are perpetually in "tornado season". Throughout the year, the conditions line up and make us ripe for severe weather. The latest flooding and storms impacting surrounding states is a reminder to get our emergency supplies in order.
Flashlights are the first thing we reach for so it is imperative to have good ones. I received the AYL Starlight 330 Ultra Bright Lantern to review and it is a great lantern!

This lantern is very compact, but VERY bright! There are three settings: low, high and flashing. You access each setting by simply pressing the power button on the front of the lantern.
Above the power button is a small flashing green light. This allows to lantern to be located in the dark.
The carry handle flips up to use and flips down to fit the profile of the lantern when not needed. Another great feature is the hanging hook located on the base. This is handy for hanging the lantern overhead. When you want to hang it, the top comes off with a simple twist so you have a bright, focused light without the reflector top.
The lantern is pretty lightweight, although the batteries add some weight. The housing is plastic with rubbing coating that gives it a non-slip surface and maximum water-resistance (but it is not water-proof). I haven't dropped it.....yet, but I think the rubber housing will offer at least some protection when I do. And I will. Sooner or later.
The LED bulbs put out over 300 lumens and offer over 100,000 hours of use. That's a lot of storms, power outages and camping trips! 
This is a great lantern to keep with your emergency supplies, camping gear, in the car, in the basement or in the storm shelter. 


Since receiving this, we have had a few close calls with storms causing power flickers and brief outages. After seeing how bright it is, THIS is the lantern I want to be able to grab when the power goes out. The AYL Starlight 330 Lantern is available on Amazon.


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