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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Let The Music Play Anywhere With The Tekubox Waterproof Wireless Speaker

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The weather is warming up, the plants are blooming, school is out (or about to be out for some of you) and a lot of us will be spending lots of time outside. YEA! After the Winter that didn't want to quit, it's about time!
Now getting outside, playing in the pool or in the water doesn't mean you can't enjoy your music too. I received a Tekubox Waterproof Wireless Speaker to review and I love it for outside play!

The charge time was relatively quick and it has lasted me quite some time. I have lost track of how many hours I have played it because I turn it off when I am not using it.
As much as we love being outside with our music, not all devices or their accessories are meant to be in or even close to the water. While I still have to keep my tablet safe on the deck, this speaker goes with me out into the yard and I don't have to worry if it gets wet. It will pick up up to 33 feet away so you can have plenty of fun!
It works for the shower too, but outdoors is so much more fun! This speaker connected to my tablet within just a few seconds and plays seamlessly. 
It plays plenty loud enough for me and the buttons work with a pretty light touch. The speaker allows you full function of your music and phone with multi-use buttons.
At the top you have the power on/off button. The button on the right allows you to skip forward to the next song with a quick tap or increase the volume by holding it down for a few seconds. 
The button at the bottom allows you to answer and hang up a phone call. There is a built in microphone that allows you to talk though the speaker. 
The button on the left allows you to skip back to the previous song with a quick tap or lower the volume by pressing it for a few seconds. The center button is to pause/resume play. 
The speaker is a cheerful bright blue color that stands out. It is compact and lightweight with a strong suction cup to stick it to the shower wall, mirror, or almost any smooth surface.


Summer is only getting started, but with gadgets like the Tekubox Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, it promises to be fun and full of music! You can get your own Tekubox Speaker over on Amazon.


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