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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Make Exercise A Game With The Strength Stack 52 Set!

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Do you find exercise boring, a chore that you put off or stop doing all together? It is hard to keep to a schedule, especially if you are bored and not enjoying what you're doing. This set can change all that!
I received the Strength Stack 52 Complete Pack to review and this turns your workout on it's head! If you're looking for something that keeps you guessing, this is it!

This is the complete set, designed by scientist and military fitness expert Sergeant Michael Volkin. The cards are portable, enabling you to carry them with you for mini workouts whenever you can or want to do them. 
This full set includes the original Strength Stack 52 deck, the Expansion Deck, the Insane Pack, the Weight Loss Stack 52 and the Quick Sweat Dice.

This system is designed to not only keep you entertained and having fun, but also to challenge you to meet fitness goals and get into shape. Studies show that you burn more fat by doing small or "nano" workouts as opposed to longer, single session workouts. To get the most out of it, you should play 2 to 3 card games a day. It is challenging! I am working on engaging both my husband and my son in this so we can all get fit, challenge each other to go further and of course have fun!
I love that this is using your own body. You do not have to invest in fancy, expensive equipment. Just follow some instructions on the cards.And as you do more, you gain energy and strength.
The cards are "smartphone enhanced" with QR codes that you can scan and watch a video demonstration of each exercise. You can also visit a web address to see the demonstration. Even without a smartphone or computer, you get the information about each exercise. You'll see a silhouette, a description, What primary muscle group is targeted and the difficulty. There are also suites and values placed on each card for the various games you can play.

The exercises range from Beginner and Intermediate to Advanced so it doesn't matter what level you are, there is something here to challenge you.

The Weight Loss Deck is packed full of changes you can make in your daily habits.... it provides ways to change the habits that can cause us to gain weight  and uses a point based reward system to motivate. There are "bonus" and "penalty" cards so you'll learn which habits and foods are better for you than others. A bonus card adds points to your score and a penalty card subtracts points from your score. Just like the fitness cards, you can compete with yourself or others to motivate and challenge. 
The Quick Sweat Dice can add a whole different dimension to your workout. Each color is for a different area such as the core, chest, legs, arms and cardio. You can pick which area you want to work and the numbered die tells you how many repetitions to do. As with the other components of the game you can compete with yourself or others. 


Whether you choose to compete with others or simply want to challenge yourself, whether you are a beginner or advanced, this is a comprehensive workout that can go with you where ever you go. You can find the Strength Stack 52 Sets on their website as well as on Amazon.


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