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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Block Out Distractions with Silicon Devices Bluetooth Earphones

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Music helps me focus. When I really need to stay on task, I can turn on music and everything else melts away and I go into my own little world for awhile.
I received a pair of these Bluetooth Earphones from Silicon Devices to review and I am super crazy for them! These are so awesome for listening to music while I work, play, garden, etc.

These are comfortable in my ears and they are out of the way as I move around. The sound is incredible! They enhance the music that sounds a little tinny coming through the speakers of my tablet. They can literally block out surrounding noise.
I have used them outside, while exercising, while working at the computer.... so many uses! One place they come in handy.... the grocery store! They work great to tune out the noisy atmosphere so I can focus on my grocery shopping. With just the neck wire, I don't have to worry about getting tangled in a cable. 
The headphones allow control of your music without having to handle your phone or device. There is a volume up/down button that also allows you to advance to the next song or replay the previous one.

The power button powers the headphones on and off, connects the bluetooth and allows you answer the phone if you get a call.
There are three different sizes of silicone ear tips and ear locks so you choose the size and combination that is most comfortable to you. The charging cable and a fit stabilizer (to clip the cable to the back of your shirt, if needed). The flat cable prevents tangles and kinks.
The earphones come in a great zippered case that is great for carrying them with you. It has a mesh compartment for the cable and accessories and the earphone fit nicely into the open compartment. I keep mine in the case when I'm not using them so I toss the case into my bag when I'm on my way out. 
These last a good while on a charge. The longest I have worn them was 8 hours one day while I was doing work on the computer. I had a lot to get done and I was away from home so I used them to stay focused on my work.
I have to mention to the totally AWESOME customer service. I received a pair of these and broke them the very first time out... I messaged the company and had a response in mere minutes and had things ready for me to get a replacement set. I can not say enough about how great they were! 


No matter what activity you like, if you like to listen to music or other digital files while you do it, these Silicon Devices Bluetooth Earphones
are pretty awesome! You can find them on Amazon and you can get 10% off with this code: F3J3PFPD


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