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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Amphibia Bluetooth Shower Speaker Rocks Your Showertime

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Raise you hand if you sing in the shower..... ME ME ME! :) It is much nicer to have music to accompany my bellowing than just my own off-key warbling.
I received theAmphibian Bluetooth Shower Speaker to review and it totally rocks! It has great sound and all the features.

I like music. All kinds of music. Well not Rap, but well anyway... It seems like I have always had devices that allowed me to take some music with me... First it was cassette players, then CD's players and finally MP3 players. 
I remember loving my Walkman, even with all the limitations. I mean you could really only take one or two cassettes with you anywhere. Those things were bulky to just carry around. MP3 players were like a miracle. Something only about 2 inches long and 1 inch tall can hold hundreds of songs! 
After the amazement of the advancements in music storage and wonder of earbuds instead of headphones, then along comes bluetooth. 
Thanks to bluetooth, our music has been unleashed yet again! We have not only been untangled from wires, but now we can take our tunes right in the shower with us too!
And it seems even that technology just keeps getting better because the sound quality of this Shower Speaker is terrific. It's 5 watts can blast your eardrums out. It is easy charged with the included cable through a USB port or an adapter.
The buttons allow you to operate your phone or device from inside the shower. You can adjust the volume up or down by holding the left or right side buttons down. Those same two buttons allow you to go back a song to jump to the next with a quick tap instead of holding the button down.  
You can pause and resume play by pressing the center button. And should you get a call, you can press the bottom button to take the call.
Once charged it is good for 8-10 hours of play. I usually turn off my speaker when I am done showering and it lasts for at least two weeks before it needs charging again. It has such good sound I sometimes stick it to the bathroom mirror while I blow dry my hair!

I want to add that the customer service I received from this company was terrific as well. I received a speaker that had something wrong with it and they were absolutely fabulous about that and got me a replacement sent right away. It made them stand out in such a positive way.


The Amphibian Bluetooth Speaker is great for anyone that likes music and makes a great gift for any occasion. You can find this awesome speaker on Amazon.


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